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Eco-friendly packaging

High protection for your products & the environment

Are you looking for environmentally friendly packaging for your product? We offer innovative packaging solutions in the form of lightweight & space-saving stand-up, block-bottom & flat bags. Delivery from 500 pieces including individual design print:

  • Sustainability as DNA: Active support of environmental organisations 

  • Fully recyclable: Our plastic packaging is fully recyclable! 

  • Optimal product protection: High protection against UV, moisture & oxygen

  • Up to 7 sizes: XXS (35 ml) - XXL (3.000 ml)

Resource-saving production
Sustainable materials
Production in Europe
Partnership with environmental organisations
A comparison of our eco packaging options
Not only does your business benefit from our eco packaging but you can also help the environment. Due to their low weight and the low use of resources, pouch packaging consumes up to 60% less CO2 in the life cycle compared to glass, tin or can packaging.
  • For 35 ml to 3,000 ml content

  • Front side & rear side printable

  • Optionally with Euro hole

  • For 500 ml to 1,500 ml content

  • Printable on four sides and bottom

  • Optional with aroma protection valve

  • For 15 ml to 950 ml filling

  • Front side & rear side printable

  • Optionally with Euro hole

Delivery time with custom printing:

Standard: 4-7 weeks

Premium: 3-4 weeks

Express: 10 workdays

Comparison of our Pack Heroes’ protective properties 

Transparent Toni
mono plastic

Metallised Martha
mono plastic

Robust Robin
with plastic film

Natural Nils
Recycable paper without plastic film

Biobased Ben
Paper with biobased plastic film

Air / Flavour

UV protection


1 = basic protection 2 = medium protection 3 = high protection

Why are we committed to eco friendly packaging?

The demand for packaging is not decreasing – quite the opposite. However, just doing without packaging is not a blanket solution to our rubbish problem. Food and other sensitive products in particular have a shorter shelf life without proper packaging and more material is thrown away. So one thing is certain: We still need packaging – but in an optimised and sustainable form: Because up to today, a lot of packaging has been designed for one-time use and cannot be recycled due to its many different material layers (multi-materials). In addition, there is greenwashing in the packaging area, which we want and need to explain in order to establish truly eco friendly packaging.

That is why we produce our eco packaging exclusively in Europe, examine the materials which we want to utilise from all points of view, and always put environmental protection first with our recyclable packaging made of mono-materials and paper-based pouches from sustainable forestry.

Our environment friendly packaging supplies

We have one major goal in our role as a manufacturer of sustainable packaging: Solving our global packaging problem in the long term by implementing circular solutions and transparent information about materials. With our eco packaging solutions, we follow the approach of a circular economy, in which raw materials can be used several times. Better recyclability of our materials is a prerequisite for this, since the secondary raw materials can only be utilised to manufacture new products.

Certified recyclable plastic packaging

  • Maximum durability: High protection against UV radiation, oxygen and moisture

  • Completely recyclable: Confirmed by the “Made for Recycling” seal from Interseroh

Made for recycling: What does the certification mean?

With Interseroh, we have one of the leading environmental and recycling experts on our side, in order to make the greatest possible contribution to a functioning circular economy. The recyclability of packaging is tested based on an independent, scientific assessment method. The result: Martha and Toni are excellently recyclable and are therefore permitted to bear Interseroh´s recognised Made for Recycling seal .

Why compostable packaging is not recyclable

Compostable packaging is heavily promoted, with communication surrounding the disposal of compostable packaging often being misleading. Mainly because the designation “industrially compostable” does not mean that the packaging can be disposed of on the compost or in the organic waste bin. Packaging marked in this way belongs in the household waste, has to be incinerated and therefore misleads your customers.

Paper packaging from sustainable forestry

  • Maximum durability: High protection against UV radiation, oxygen and moisture

  • FSC®-certified paper, on the outside, protective plastic on the inside

FSC®-certification: Our contribution to forest protection

Our focus lies on the sustainability of the wood which is utilised for the production of our paper-based Robin packaging. The paper used in the stand-up pouches und block bottom pouches is FSC®-certified and therefore comes exclusively from regions which are inspected by the international non-profit organisation, Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and therefore comply with the strict requirements of sustainable forestry.

More than just a manufacturer of sustainable packaging

In addition to our commitment to sustainable packaging solutions, we would like to become active ourselves in this area and therefore support various environmental organisations. Purchasing our products means that you also become part of this action and make it easier for organisations to work sustainably!

Eden Reforestation Projects: For the reforestation of our forests

In order to stop the decline of our forests, we are working for reforestation in tropical areas together with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects. Helping at this point is really easy! One tree is planted for every 100 pouches ordered in our shop.

K.R.A.K.E. e.V.: For less rubbish in our environment

For every order of our eco packaging which is made of recyclable mono-materials, we will donate a portion of the order value to the voluntary organisation K.R.A.K.E., which regularly collects rubbish from the city's green areas. By the way: The rubbish trap on the Rhine is a project which is very current at the moment and one that we are co-financing under the umbrella of Siegwerk Ventures. Take a detailed look at how we are helping to free our beloved Rhine from rubbish.

Paid leave for NGO commitment & sustainable team events

Irrespective of whether we are planting new trees or collecting rubbish in Cologne's green areas – we love to combine our team events for the benefit of the environment with a sustainable purpose! We all receive one extra day of paid holiday per year in order to give our colleagues time and space for ecological commitment in their private lives.
Frequently asked questions about sustainability
Eco friendly packaging is characterised by a low C02 footprint. This depends, for example, on how many resources have to be utilised in production, how heavy the packaging is (particularly relevant for transport) and how well or whether the raw materials which have been implemented can be reused for the production of other products. For us, sustainability always means promoting a circular economy, so that raw materials are used several times. That is why we rely on mono-materials which are excellently recyclable.  
Our eco packaging is produced in Europe and Germany. This saves us large amounts of CO2 for transport.
Bio-based plastics have the advantage that they are made from renewable raw materials such as corn starch or sugar cane. Under certain circumstances, they can indicate the same or similar chemical structure as conventional plastic and are therefore also be recyclable. However, not all bio-based plastics are automatically sustainable. For example, if bio-based packaging comprises many different layers of material, it is not recyclable and has to be sorted out and incinerated. For biodegradable and compostable plastics (often made from PLA), on the other hand, there is currently no recycling stream, so they have to be disposed of with the residual, household waste and incinerated.

It is a myth that paper is always more sustainable than plastic. When evaluating packaging, various aspects must always be taken into account. Because the production of paper also consumes resources and is energy-intensive. In addition, paper can only be recycled well if it is not firmly glued to other layers of material (e.g. aluminium). Unfortunately, this is often the case with milk cartons, for example.
Optimised packaging is always recyclable in the sense of a circular economy. When materials are not recycled, then the raw materials cannot therefore be utilised for other products after being used once.  
As your eco packaging partner, we not only see it as our responsibility to provide sustainable packaging, rather also to educate about myths and greenwashing in the packaging world. For this reason, we are very pleased to support you in credible and transparent sustainability communication. In addition to providing our sustainability guides, we would also be pleased to collaborate with you for a communication cooperation in order to inform your customers about the sustainability of your eco packaging. 
Renowned seals and certifications can give you and your customers a good indication of which packaging is sustainable. You can see at a glance whether the packaging originates from sustainable forestry (e.g. our Robin material with its FSC® certification) or is recyclable (e.g. our Martha and Toni materials, which have the Made for Recycling seal).