Packaging and sustainability - how do they fit together at Packiro?

Even before Packiro was founded, we studied the packaging industry with the utmost diligence and and found that there was a lot of room for improvement. We want to focus on the environmental impact of the of the increase in our global waste production. worldwide. As a packaging manufacturer, we have a responsibility and a clear objective: through innovative packaging packaging solutions, we want to conserve our valuable resources in the long term. 

You are welcome to take a very close look here because we did the same in the development of our materials!

Careful material selection
Conservation of resources through sustainable materials
Environmentally friendly supply chain
Short transport routes within the EU
Effective environmental commitment
Partnerships with non-profit organisations

What materials are our pouches made of?

FSC®-certified paper: To protect our forests

In the production of our paper-based stand-up and flat-bottom pouches Nils and Robin, the origin of the wood used for them is our focus. That's why we source our paper exclusively from regions that have been audited by the international non-profit organization Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and meet the strict requirements of sustainable forestry. The criteria for awarding the seal include, for example, the renunciation of large-scale clear-cutting, the rights of forest dwellers, and the preservation and protection of our ecosystems.

Recyclable mono-plastic: Confirmed with the "Made for Recycling" seal

We have selected mono-plastic for the production of our Pack Heroes Toni and Martha. The material can be recycled by type, processed into high-quality recyclate and thus reused for a variety of new products. In this way, we close the plastic cycle and conserve our finite resources. With every pouch, we come a little closer to our major goal - a sustainable circular economy. Our outstanding recyclability has been confirmed by the independent environmental and recycling service provider Interseroh with the Made for Recycling seal .

Are you convinced by our solutions
for a more sustainable packaging world?

More than just sustainable packaging

We make every effort to conserve limited resources such as wood and plastic, which are necessary for the production of our packaging. 
But sustainable packaging alone is not enough for us. Our commitment goes beyond the care we take in selecting materials.
We, Packiro GmbH, are registered under the license number FSC-C170984 with the FSC®.  

Reforestation with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects

To stop the decline of our forests, we are working with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects to reforest tropical areas. At this point you can easily help! For every 100 pouches ordered in our store, one tree will be planted.

Frequently asked questions about sustainability
All Packiro pouches are manufactured exclusively in the EU. Due to the short transport routes, we avoid high CO2 emissions.  
The recyclate, i.e. the secondary raw material from our plastic packaging, can be reused for a variety of products after recycling. Due to the global scarcity of resources, it is important that we close our recycling loop. The aim is to ensure that materials are recycled for as long as possible and that less waste is incinerated.
At Packiro, we want to lay the groundwork so that you can provide your customers with transparent information about the sustainability of your packaging. Just talk to us about it!

Sure, we'd love to. Just contact our Packiro team by email: