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Biobased Ben
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Biobased Ben

Organic packaging made from renewable raw materials

With our "Biobased Ben" material, you can package and protect your products with plant-based power in a natural, matt paper look.
Excellent UV protection
Strong, bio-based protective layer made from renewable raw materials
Individual design
Design without compromise: Full-surface designs in a natural kraft paper look
Sustainable premium quality
We rely on sustainable & high-quality materials


Ben's strengths at a glance

Plant-based protective power

Ben has laboratory-tested protective properties against external influences. It scores particularly well when you need high UV protection.

Thanks to its bio-based PLA film made from renewable raw materials (e.g. sugar cane or corn starch), we reduce the use of conventional plastic made from petroleum. This means that the packaging reduces additional CO2 emissions!

Matching shapes & sizes for your product

Stand-up pouches
  • 6 sizes: XXS - XL
  • 35 ml to 1.000 ml capacity
  • Functional all-rounder
Flat pouches
  • 6 sizes: XXS - XL
  • 15 ml to 950 ml capacity
  • Ideal for hanging
Printed rollstock
  • Individual dimensions
  • Suitable for your packaging machine
  • Perfect for Flow Packs, Pillow Packs & Sachets

Add-ons that optimally protect & present your product

This keeps your packaging airtight resealable
Euro hole
Euro hole
To hang your pouches on the shelf
FSC® seal
FSC® seal
Certification for paper from sustainable forestry
"OK biobased" seal
"OK biobased" seal
Certification for materials made from renewable raw materials
This keeps your packaging airtight resealable
Euro hole
Euro hole
To hang your pouches on the shelf
FSC® seal
FSC® seal
Certification for paper from sustainable forestry
"OK biobased" seal
"OK biobased" seal
Certification for materials made from renewable raw materials

Other advantages that Ben always brings

Proven suitable for food
Strictly tested premium quality
Production exclusively in the EU
Printing & delivery from 10 working days

Ben's plant power is perfect for

Dry products such as sugar substitutes, nuts, muesli, granola or oatmeal.

Design & Inspiration

Designs that immediately convince your product

Take it to the next level: with fully printed packaging

Common labels

Full paper look

Common labels

Full paper look

Our bio-based Ben impresses with its matt surface and fine paper structure. You can design it entirely according to your wishes - and adapt the design flexibly at any time thanks to small minimum order quantities of 500 pieces!

This could be your new organic packaging

For a first date with Ben: Our free sample kit

Get the packaging samples and get to know Ben better: Does your product fit into your desired size? Is the paper feel the way you want it? You have all the time in the world to test it. You're guaranteed to find the perfect packaging.


From nature, for nature

How Ben reduces additional CO2 emissions

Petroleum is used for the production of conventional plastic packaging. Millions of years old CO2 is bound in this petroleum. When the plastic is burnt, the CO2 contained in the petroleum is additionally released into the atmosphere.

Packaging made from bioplastics, on the other hand, is made from the starch of plants. These need CO2 for their growth, which they take from the atmosphere. When the bioplastics are burnt, only as much CO2 is released as was previously absorbed by the plant. This creates a kind of CO2 cycle. In this way, our organic packaging Ben helps to reduce additional CO2 emissions and protect our environment.

Potential to promote the organic circular economy

According to DIN standard 13432, Ben meets all the requirements for industrially compostable bag packaging. However, there are currently hardly any sorting and composting plants that are capable of doing this. Ben is therefore disposed of with residual waste and thermally recycled. As soon as more facilities meet the conditions for recycling compostable packaging, Ben can also be composted industrially.

Ben conserves our resources. Your brand benefits too.

With our "OK biobased" seal and the FSC®, you can make your commitment visible to your customers easily and without extra effort.

Technical details

Well thought out down to the smallest paper fibre

The power of nature: That's what makes Ben so strong

Each layer of Ben's material has a different function and is therefore indispensable. Its bio-based PLA film made from renewable raw materials provides optimal protection against UV radiation.

Technical data of Ben

Data, Facts & Figures

Material structure



With tear notches, rounded corners and bottom gusset

Optional add-ons

PLA-Zipper, Euro hole

Material thickness

109microns ± 10%

Bond strength

1,15 N/15mm ± 10%

Tensile strength

78 (MD), 46 (CD) N/15mm ± 10%

Sealing temperature

120 – 170 °C

Print method

Digital print CMYK; colour variation limited to < 3 ∆E

Test method
Oxygen / Aroma


DIN EN ISO 15105-2

443 cm3 /m2*d*bar



DIN EN ISO 15106-3

>60 g/m2*d

Sun protection factor

UV (A/B/C)

Internal method

Contact us for details

  • FSC® certified paper
  • Bio-based plastic (OK-biobased certification from TÜV Austria)
  • Solvent adhesive free
  • BPA-free
  • Water-based varnish
Black bin

You want to compare the technical details of Ben? Click here to download!


You still have unanswered questions? We have the answers!

Ben has excellent protective properties against UV radiation and good basic protection against oxygen and moisture. This makes the packaging particularly suitable for dry products such as sugar substitutes, nuts and all forms of muesli such as granola, oatmeal and porridge. Ben is also very suitable as a refill pouch for capsules or tea.

The material is less suitable for cosmetics and coffee. For heavy products like protein powder, we recommend you do a filling test.

Our organic packaging can be printed over the entire surface from a quantity of 500 pieces. The surfaces can be designed in a matt kraft paper look so that your customers immediately notice the packaging on the product shelf!

You can fill and seal our "Biobased Ben" by machine or by hand. It can also be sealed at the top edge.

Compared to conventional plastic packaging, biopackaging reduces additional CO2 emissions and promotes the biological circular economy.

Most bioplastics (including the PLA bioplastic used for Ben) are basically suitable for composting. If individual countries decide to enable their sorting and composting facilities to compost bioplastics, they can also be meaningfully recycled. In practice, however, this is still difficult, so that such plastics usually end up in the waste incineration plant. More information on compostable packaging can be found here.

Our Ben material is made of environmentally friendly paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) organisation for sustainable forestry. Our pouch packaging is resource-saving in production, consumes little CO2 in transport due to its low volume and weight and is produced exclusively in Europe. This keeps transport distances short and the CO2 footprint small.

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