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FSC® certification: seal for sustainable forest management
FSC® certification: seal for sustainable forest management

FSC® certification: show sustainability with one click

With the FSC® certification, your customers can see at first glance that the paper of the packaging comes from certified sustainable cultivation. Add the seal to your packaging with just one click - so your commitment is also visible to your customers.
Visible commitment without extra effort
Strengthening your image
Transparent & comprehensible


What does the FSC® certification say?

Stand-up pouches and Flat bottom pouches in green with leaves and the FSC seal

Responsibility for our forests

The FSC® seal certifies the ecofriendly origin of materials and compliance with strictly controlled standards throughout the supply chain. We source our raw materials only from FSC® certified forest regions. This is how we ensure that our paper-based packaging is produced according to the principles of fair & environmentally friendly forest management.

Who stands behind the certification?

The globally recognised organisation Forest Stewardship Council® is committed to the conservation of our forests and sustainable reforestation. The primary goal is to ensure environmental and social standards in the management of forest regions. By the way: As a packaging company, we have signed the declaration of principle that we are committed to the values of the FSC®. You are welcome to view this declaration at any time.

Show packaging transparency: With our paper-based materials

By buying our FSC®-certified paper-based packaging Ben and Robin you help to preserve the forests of our world!

Overview of paper-based packaging shapes from Packiro
Social sustainability
  • Fair working conditions
  • Strengthening the rights of indigenous peoples
  • Relations with the local population
Ecological sustainability
  • Maintaining forest services
  • Avoidance of large-scale deforestation
  • Animal and plant protection


This is how you benefit from the FSC® certification

Increase trust in your brand

FSC label

According to a recent study by the consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partner (2021), only 11% of consumers feel well informed about the sustainability of packaging. With Packiro you have the possibility to print the independent FSC® seal directly on your packaging! This makes your commitment more comprehensible to customers and strengthens your image - easily and without extra effort.

How it works

In 3 steps to the seal

Select paper packaging
Choose Nils, Ben or Robin to be able to use the certification
FSC® certification per click
You can add the seal to your order in the shop under "Add-Ons".
Print the seal on your packaging
Place the seal freely according to your wishes in your packaging design


Here are questions & answers

The certificate makes it possible to trace the packaging materials back to the source. It guarantees that:

1. trees are replanted in state-owned areas

2. workers along the supply chain are paid fairly

3. the interests of indigenous populations are not threatened by the production process

4. materials are produced in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and international contracts

5. production contributes to the development of local communities and high conservation values are maintained

6. most certified papers contain a significant proportion of recycled paper pulp.

To become certified, all links in the supply chain must be audited and approved, which ensures 100% continuity of the packaging supply chain.

In our shop you can configure the seal directly with your packaging - you only pay a usage fee of 0,02€/piece.

The certificate only applies to our paper-based packaging Ben and Robin.

Your purchase does not automatically make you a partner of the organisation - but of course you are welcome to communicate that the paper of your packaging comes from sustainable forestry. However, the seal must not be used.

Explanation: Since the FSC® certification and the terms FSC® and Forest Stewardship Council® are protected trademarks, you need your own advertising licence. If you have acquired this, any use of the logo must still be approved by the FSC®.

We are always happy to support you with communication. We have created a small guide for our paper-based materials. In it you will find all the important points and best practice examples for legally compliant and credible communication. Just get in touch with us!