Customised & fully printed from 500 piecesCertified, sustainable materials
Transparent Toni
Transparent Toni

Transparent packaging - show'em what you got!

Our very own material "Transparent Toni" will draw all the attention to your product: the Toni material is for all those wanting to show off their product in a transparent packaging with windows. Your product will be recognised at first glance! Toni's super power? First-class aroma protection!
High aroma protection
Best fit for products to be kept as fresh and aromatic as possible for as long as possible!
Customised design
Fore more transparency: insert windows anywhere you like on your packaging!
Fully recyclable
The Toni material consists of only one, high-quality type of plastic that can easily be recycled.


For the best possible view: Toni's strengths

Ultimate Visibilty - Ultimate Protection

Thanks to its highly innovative Alox-based inner layer, the Toni material ensures the highest oxygen resitance. This allows your product to stay fresh longer than in conventional, non-recyclable PE/PET packaging. What is more, its first-class moisture protection ensures contents such as wet pet food & co. are ideally preserved inside. You have a very light-sensitive product? In that case, our materials Martha or Robin might be the better fit for you.

Available in many shapes & sizes

Stand-up pouch
  • 7 sizes: XXS - XXL
  • 35 ml to 3.000 ml capacity
  • Functional all-rounder
Flat bottom pouch
  • 3 sizes: S, M, L
  • 1.000 ml to 3.400 ml capacity
  • Extra stable for large quantities
Flat pouch
  • 7 sizes: XXS - XXL
  • 15 ml to 3.500 ml capacity
  • For best in-store display
  • Customised dimensions
  • Suitable for your packaging machine
  • Perfect for Flow Packs, Pillow Packs & Sachets

Add-ons to protect & showcase your product

Reseal your package hermetically
Euro hole
Euro hole
For the best in-store display
Allows for the degassing of roasted coffee beans
"Made for Recycling" seal
"Made for Recycling" seal
Seal for certified recyclability
Reseal your package hermetically
Euro hole
Euro hole
For the best in-store display
Allows for the degassing of roasted coffee beans
"Made for Recycling" seal
"Made for Recycling" seal
Seal for certified recyclability

Further benefits of our material Toni

Proven suitable for food
Strictly tested premium quality
Made in Europe only
Printed & delivered as of 10 working days

These products go particularly well with Toni

Greasy or oxygen-sensitive food as well as light-insensitive products.

Design & Style

Choose unique packaging designs for all your products

Goodbye labels - time to take your packaging to the next level!

Common labels

Unique & fully printed

Common labels

Unique & fully printed

Toni's super power: transparent parts! Place viewing windows of all shapes and sizes on your packaging - your product will turn out an actual eyecatcher. The Toni material features a velvety matt look and is fully printable. High quality and unique. Order your individual packaging in small or large quantities (500 - 10 million pieces).

No limits to your creativity with Toni

Check out Toni first hand: with our free Sample Kit

Order our free sample kit and get to know Toni: what size is the best fit for your product? How do you like Toni's transparent features? You have all the time in the world to check out our Toni material. You're guaranteed to find the perfect packaging.


Let's be transparent - let's talk sustainability

How can plastic material be considered eco-friendly?

In fact, it is possible! Toni consists of only one type of plastic (so-called mono-plastic). As a matter of fact mono-plastic material presents a more sustainable solution compared to conventional "multi-material structures" (e.g. PE/PET), whose layers cannot be separated in the recycling plant. Toni's recycling power has been officially approved by the renowned environmental service provider "Interseroh+" and rewarded the "Made for Recycling" seal. Displaying this seal on your packaging allows your customers to recognise packaging's sustainability right at first glance.

Toni truly cares for our environment. Your win!

Thanks to the "Made for Recycling" seal, you can make your commitment visible to your customers easily and without any extra effort. Simply print it on your new packaging.

Technical details

Highest quality at all levels: Toni in detail

This is what Toni's transparency is made of

Toni consists of several layers of material, each of which fulfils a different function and is therefore indispensable. However, all layers have something in common: they are made of a single type of plastic (mono-plastic) to be easily recycled.

Toni's technical specifications

Data, Facts & Figures

Material structure


Design form

With tear notches, rounded corners and stand-up base

Optional add-ons

PP-Zipper, Euro hole

Material thickness

120 microns ± 10%

Material strength

1,9 (OPP/AloxPP), 1,3 (AloxPP/CPP) N/15mm ± 10%

Surfactants Strength

77 (MD), >100 (CD) N/15mm ± 10%

Sealing thickness

37 (MD), 36 (CD) N/15mm ± 10%

Sealing temperature

130 – 160 °C

Print method

Digital print CMYK; colour variation limited to < 3 ∆E

Test method
Oxygen / Aroma


ASTM F 1927 (2014)

0,92 cm3 /m2*24h*bar



DIN EN ISO 15106-3 (2005-05)

0,18 g/m2*24h

Sun protection factor

UV (A/B/C)

Internal method

Contact us for details

  • Fully recyclable (mono-plastic)
  • Without aluminium foil
  • Free of solvent adhesives
  • BPA-free
Yellow bin

You want to compare Toni's technical features? Click here to download!


You still have unanswered questions? We have the answers!

What products is Toni best suited for?

Our transparent plastic packaging is ideal for packaging greasy, oily and dry foods. Toni is also the best choice if you want your customers to see your product before they buy it. This makes Toni the best fit for items such as textiles, accessories or cosmetics. The material is less suitable for products that require high UV protection.

We print your packaging over the entire surface and without borders on the front and back. With the flat bottom pouches, even the side parts and the bottom can be printed. The transparent windows can be inserted in any shape and size.

Our pouches can be filled by machine or by hand. All our packaging can be sealed at the top edge. The material has particularly good sealing properties. Suitable sealing devices are inexpensive and thanks to the integrated zipper, the pouch packaging can be resealed even after opening.