Customised & fully printed from 500 piecesCertified, sustainable materials
Rubbish collection with K.R.A.K.E.

Packaging for less waste & a clean nature

Rubbish collection with K.R.A.K.E.

Packaging for less waste & a clean nature

With our packaging materials "Toni" and "Martha", sustainability becomes easy! They not only protect nature through their recyclability, but also through our fundraising campaign: with every order, we support the environmental organisation K.R.A.K.E. with 5 euros - the equivalent of a whole kilo of waste they remove from nature!

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    Ideas and goals of the engagement

    Rubbish in nature? We clean up!

    Around a tonne of rubbish flows around in the Rhine every day - a gigantic amount! Not to mention the rubbish that lingers on green spaces like city parks & Co. Nature deserves better - that's why we fight against the daily flood of rubbish in the Rhine and on our green spaces! In cooperation with K.R.A.K.E., we are not only involved in clean-up campaigns, but also support the organisation in its daily work.

    Environmental protection has and needs many faces

    Since 2016, the K.R.A.K.E. (Kölner Rhein-Aufräum-Kommando-Einheit - Cologne Rhine Clean-up Squad Unit) has been aiming to get as many Cologne residents as possible involved in litter picking and to raise awareness of the problem of environmental pollution. With success! With over 300 members and a broad network of companies, several tonnes of rubbish are collected every year!

    How it works

    Every pouch counts

    Pack and clean up with our materials

    By purchasing our recyclable plastic packaging "Martha" and "Toni", you automatically support the organisation in its work. For every order we receive in our shop, we support K.R.A.K.E. with a financial donation.

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    Here are questions & answers

    After each clean-up campaign, the rubbish is collected by the Abfallwirtschaftsbetriebe Köln GmbH (AWB) and disposed of properly. Some materials can be recycled. If this is not the case, the waste must be thermally recycled, i.e. incinerated. As a packaging company, we can unfortunately only influence to a limited extent whether citizens throw their waste into nature or not.

    What we can do, however, is ensure that our packaging is designed to be completely recyclable, so that it can be reprocessed into high-quality recyclate after recycling. This means that the raw materials remain in the material cycle and can be used for new products. Of course, we have had the recyclability of our plastic packaging checked by the independent environmental and recycling service provider interseroh.

    For every order of our packaging "Toni" and "Martha" in our shop, we donate an amount of 5 euros. In addition, we also regularly support clean-up work ourselves and are sponsors of the "Rheinfalle".

    To learn more about the work of K.R.A.K.E. and how you can help, visit the organisation's official website at There you will find more information about their projects, events and ways to volunteer or donate.