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Fonts & Lines

Inserting fonts and lines

To ensure that text is clearly visible on your packaging, the font size should be no smaller than 6pt. For dark lines on a light background, the thickness should be set to 0.25 point. For light lines on a dark background, the thickness should be set to 0.5 point.

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Embedding fonts

Embedding fonts is important as otherwise this can lead to wrong font shortcuts and render your artwork faulty or even completely unprintable. Before uploading the artwork to your customer account, embedding all of your text components is the final, yet crucial, step. This means that all fonts must be converted into paths.

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To avoid any problems when printing your pouches, it is important to convert all text blocks into paths once you have finished editing them. To convert text blocks into paths, select the corresponding text box using the select tool and then click on the menu item ‘Font’ and ‘Convert to path’ (Windows: Shift + Ctrl + O / Mac: Shift + command + O). All text will now be converted into paths and grouped.

To find out whether all text blocks have been embedded, highlight the entire document using the select tool, then choose ‘Window’ and ‘Document information’ from the menu. In the ‘Fonts’ panel (via the three strips in the top-right corner of the pop-up window) it should now ideally say ‘Fonts: NONE’. If any fonts are listed, these must be embedded too.

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