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Resolution and image formats

When using images for your artwork, there are two criteria to consider: the resolution and image format. It is important to observe these guidelines to ensure your images appear sharp on your printed packaging. To ensure a satisfactory print result, your images must have a resolution of 300dpi (in relation to the size). Accepted image formats include PNG, TIFF or PSD, but not JPEG!

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Linking and embedding images

The images and graphics you wish to use must be in CMYK colour mode and added to the Artwork layer. If you place an image to another folder on your computer, you will receive an error message. A red question mark indicates that your image is no longer linked. Before uploading your finished artwork to your customer account, you must ensure that all document images are embedded.

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EAN barcodes and QR codes

EAN codes are essential for quickly identifying products in a store. QR codes are useful for providing your customer with more information or directing them to your website. Ideally, both codes are integrated as vector files in the artwork layer so that the code can be scaled as needed. If the QR or EAN code is only available as a PNG file, you should make sure that it is sufficiently large enough. If using PNGs, the codes must be embedded after integrating them.

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In order to avoid missing links in Illustrator and potential complications during printing, the images used must be embedded. Choose the corresponding image using the selected tool, then click on ‘Window’ and then ‘Links’ in the menu section. In the user field menu (three strips in the top-right corner of the pop-up window), click on ‘Embed image(s)’ and confirm. If you are using an image in RGB colour mode, Illustrator will also change the colour mode of the entire document to RGB. If this is the case, you must then change the colour mode back to CMYK.

It is important that all colours and special colours are used in CMYK colour mode in the print template. To find out whether you are working in the correct colour mode, click on ‘Edit’ then ‘Colour settings’ in the menu and ensure that ‘Coated FOGRA39 (ISO 12647-2:2004)’ is selected under the CMYK working colour space.

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