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Special Areas

‘White’ colour

The ‘White’ colour is a white primer that is printed as a base coat on the packaging. If the ‘White’ colour is fully covered in magenta, your packaging will be primed and printed all over with your artwork. You can create special areas by changing or removing the colour of specific areas.

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Transparent areas on Toni

The benefit of transparent areas is that you can accentuate your product even better with the chosen clear window. Your customers can get a good look at your product before buying. To incorporate a transparent window into your pouch, simply remove the specified area on the ‘White’ layer.

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Metallic areas on Martha

Metallic areas add shine to your packaging and make it visually appealing. Create metallic areas by removing the surface to appear metallic on the ‘White’ layer. All areas that are not coloured magenta on the ‘White’ layer will appear metallic on your packaging.

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How do I create transparent areas on Toni?

Toni lets you make part of your pouch transparent. To do this, you need to edit both the ‘Artwork’ and ‘White’ layers. For individual transparent areas, remove the areas on both layers that you want to appear transparent. Choose the area to be removed on your Artwork layer and remove the intersection on the ‘White’ layer.

If your pouch primarily has a transparent background and you're only including design elements such as logos or graphics, remove the entire coloured area from the ‘White’ layer. Next, copy all elements from your artwork and place them into the ‘White’ area and colour all elements in white. The contours of both layers must be positioned directly over the top of each other.

Unlike Toni, Martha’s backing material is silver instead of transparent. To make individual elements appear in the silver backing material on Martha, follow the same process as you would for transparent areas on Toni.

To make elements or areas appear in a metallic colour, you can print directly on Martha’s silver base material. Simply cut out the areas to appear metallic in the ‘White’ layer. Your artwork will be printed directly onto the base material in this area.

Make sure that you are only using the ‘White’ colour in the ‘White’ layer. In addition to the stored 'White’ colour, you will also find an almost identical ‘CMYK Cyan’ colour. Even though both colours appear the same, they do in fact differ. Always make sure that you use the ‘White’ colour with ‘Full-tone colour’ selected in the ‘White’ layer. You can check this in the ‘Colour field’ with the grey edge and black dot.

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  1. For transparent and metallic areas only the 'White' colour is used?

  2. Layout created only at the 'artwork' level?