Flexible packaging for small & big

Sustainable & individually printed

Are you looking for sustainable & unique packaging of high quality? Packiro delivers flexible packaging that sets you apart from the competition: 

  • High-resolution and full-area printing:
    Excellent haptics; special effects such as transparency, metallic surfaces or kraft paper look possible

  • Sustainable materials with excellent product protection: 
    High barriers against oxygen, moisture, grease and UV light

  • Individual quantities: 
    From 500 pieces to large print runs

  • Full service: 
    From needs analysis and concept development to support with machine set-up and warehouse and cost optimisation

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Certified food safe

Fast delivery (from 10 working days)
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Familiarise yourself with our Pack Heroes 

We’ll send you our free sample kit so that you can experience our high-quality products and different materials for yourself. Enquire today and let us inspire you.

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Packiro Pack-Heroes

Five eco friendly materials for your product

Fully recycable thanks to innovative mono plastic
Excellent flavour preservation and low oxygen permeability
For products insensitive to light
Resealable & transparent
Fully recycable thanks to innovative mono plastic
Excellent UV protection
For all kind of products
Resealable & silky matt look
Paper packaging with biobased plastic film
Excellent UV protection & basic protection against moisture and oxygen

For filling materials that do not clump
Resealable with zipper
Outside paper, inside protective plastic film
High protection in a natural look
Extra stable: Perfect for heavy goods
Resealable paper structure
Recyclable in waste paper – without plastic film
Good aroma, UV and Oxygen protection
Suitable for many products
Without zipper, thus recycable

Delivery time with custom printing:

Standard: 4-7 weeks

Premium: 3-4 weeks

Express: 10 workdays

Comparison of our Pack Heroes’ protective properties 

Transparent Toni
mono plastic

Metallised Martha
mono plastic

Biobased Ben
Papier with biobased
plastic film

Robuster Robin
Paper with
plastic film

Natural Nils
Paper without
plastic film
Oxygen / Flavour

UV protection


1 = basic protection 2 = medium protection 3 = high protection
Our product shapes
The ideal solution for every product & for every point of sale

You need rolls or have special wishes?

No problem! Just send us a short request. We are also happy to support you with everything from packaging and inventory analysis to holistic concepts.
Please note: Individual sizes are only possible from a quantity of 50,000 pieces per design and year.

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Sustainable packaging from Packiro

At Packiro, we stand for individually printed and sustainable packaging solutions. Our eco-friendly pouches are extremely versatile and are suitable for almost any type of filling, whether food products, supplements, cosmetics, pet food or textiles. Every material used has reliable coatings to combat environmental influences such as air and moisture. We accept orders from as little as 500 units with no upper limit.

Printing included

We understand how important an appealing, high-quality packaging design is for you and your customers. You won’t need to worry about sticking labels on by hand: your Packiro pouches are individually and professionally printed as part of your order.

Your wishes and requests are extremely important to us. We help you achieve the perfect packaging thanks to our in-house consultancy and Design Service which supports you throughout the entire design process. We can also implement your own ready-made designs.

Sustainable materials

Eco-friendliness plays a major role at Packiro. Alongside various pack sizes and add-ons, you can also choose different sustainable packaging materials such as paper or recycable plastic. Benefit from our packaging know-how and increase your product value with attractive - and sustainable - packaging.

Proven quality

Our packaging solutions represent a symbiosis of state-of-the-art technical requirements and unique design. We use modern digital printing processes and production technology to ensure that your pouches appeal to customers in terms of their look and feel. All pouches undergo strict quality controls and only leave our warehouse in top-notch condition. We focus on Europe-based production with short, low-carbon transport channels and fast delivery times.

Interested in more information about our different pouches? No problem - we’ll be happy to advise you. Simply send us an email using our contact form.

Your packaging partner for large projects too

Are you looking for a partner who not only supplies you with packaging, but also offers a full range of consulting services? Then you've come to the right place. We will be happy to carry out an inventory and packaging analysis with you, develop your holistic packaging concept together, support you with filling and machine tests and also advise you on storage and cost optimisation. Whether you require delivery in bags or rolls or need a flexible purchase model - we support you with our full-service offer for customers with 50,000 or more packages per year.