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Our four different power pouches are suitable for a wide range of fillings. Take a look at these selected fillings in more detail and find out what material and protection they need.
Eco friendly tea packaging
Stand-up and flat-bottom pouches for tea from Packiro - custom printable and available in conventional or sustainable materials.
Eco friendly coffee packaging
Packiro coffee packaging perfectly protects your coffee. Our pouches, available in four materials and two shapes, not only excellent preserve the coffee aroma but can also be sustainably and individually printed from as little as 500 units. Give your coffee the packaging it deserves.
Packaging for sweets & snacks
Whether bonbons, chocolate or nuts, snacking is proven to boost your mood and is perfect as a post-meal treat or simply for snacking as you go. The visual appearance of your packaging plays an important role here and can give a little preview of your tasty snack.
Cosmetic packaging
Pouches as cosmetic packaging - for shampoo, face masks & Co. With sustainable materials and in different sizes.
Tobacco pouch packaging
Flexible packaging for packing tobacco: Individually printable on both sides, various sizes and materials. Of course with effective inner coating against external environmental influences. Tobacco packaging
Packaging for supplements & nutritions
Go hard or go home! Stand-up pouches from Packiro give your fitness product unbeatable protection. Our tear-resistant and sustainable Pack Heroes are on hand to store your protein powder, supplements or diet booster. Thanks to their power barriers, they keep your products fresher for longer than any marathon runner. And the best thing: They instantly turn your packaging into a unique eye-catcher!
CBD packaging
Packiro pouches are the perfect choice for CBD flowers and seeds: they optimally present the product, are resealable and 100% sustainable. From Lemon Haze to Gorilla Blue: At Packiro you can order from as little as 500 units and package your CBD with the same level of style as your brand and products are known for. Easily order your CBD packaging here.
Spice packaging
Doypacks for spices made of sustainable or conventional material structures.
Food packaging
Pouches for all types of food - with effective inner coating to protect your product. Available in various sizes and materials with personalised printing.
Fashion packaging
Are you an expert when it comes to the latest fashion trends and love creating that perfect look? Are you passionate about designing socks, caps, hats and t-shirts and love attention to detail? Do you make shiny earrings, necklaces and rings and check every little stone twice over? Then give your designer collection the packaging it deserves and show your customers that you're always one step ahead of the trend with your personalised, colour-coded and innovative stand-up pouches.
Pet food packaging
You only want the best for your four-legged friends and their owners. The packaging needs to keep treats and snacks in a cool, dry, dark environment to preserve their flavour and keep your four-legged friends happy. However, many animal lovers also produce a lot of waste, unfortunately. Some suppliers package pet food in boxes but often also have to use plastic bags to preserve flavour and protect against moisture. Your customers also won’t want to deal with double the packaging, which is why we at Packiro have made room for sustainable stand-up pouches to protect your pet food!
Eco friendly tea packaging
Stand-up and flat-bottom pouches for tea from Packiro - custom printable and available in conventional or sustainable materials.

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