Packaging for dietary supplements in different shapes

Packaging for Supplements & Nutritions

Sustainable & customized packaging solutions

With our bags your fitness products or nutritional supplements are unbeatable & sustainably protected. Robust and stable, their power barriers ensure maximum effectiveness and shelf life of your ingredients! Individually printed from 500 pieces. 

  • The Shapes: Stand up, flat-bottom & flat pouches
    (new: flow packs on request)

  • Eco-friendly materials: Plastic (recycable or biobased) & Paper 

  • Strong protection: Protein powder, tablets, vitamins, capsules & Co.

  • Customized Design incl. special effects: Transparency, metallic-  or kraft paper- look

  • From small to large print runs: from 500 - 10 mio. pcs. 

Food safe
Packaging materials are certified for contact with food
60 % less CO2 than jars or cans thanks to low weight & use of resources
Lightweight & space saving
Optimized storage & convenient transport
Simple & digital processes
Automatic artwork check & 3D preview
Great flexibility
From 500 pieces and available within 10 workdays

The right design for every supplement

That fits: Shapes & sizes of our packaging

  • 7 Sizes: XXS - XXL

  • For 35 ml to 3000 ml fillings

  • Functional allrounder

  • 3 Sizes: S, M, L

  • For 500 ml to 1500 ml fillings

  • Extra stable & perfect for large quantities

  • 7 Sizes: XXS - XXL

  • For 15 ml to 3500 ml fillings

  • Ideal for small quantities & for hanging

Delivery time with custom printing:

Standard: 4-7 weeks

Premium: 3-4 weeks

Express: 10 workdays

Do you need rolls for packaging your protein bars, sachets & co?

No problem! We will be happy to send you an individual offer based on your specifications.
Just send us a short request.

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Maximum protection for your supplements

We only use carefully selected packaging materials in the production of our pouches, in order to protect your product in the best possible and sustainable way. That's why these five are true packaging heroes. Find the right hero for your supplements!!

Our Recommendation
Innovative supplement packaging with viewing window Transparent Toni
  • Transparent packaging

  • Fully recyclable thanks to mono-plastic

  • For UV insensitive supplements like capsules & tablets

Our Recommendation
Innovative supplement packaging with special metallic effect Metallised Martha
  • Metallised packaging

  • Fully recyclable thanks to mono-plastic

  • Ideal for all kinds of supplements

Innovative supplement packaging made from bio-based plastic Biobased Ben
  • Organic packaging made from renewable raw materials

  • FSC®-certified paper with bioplastic film

  • For tablets & capsules, that do not clump

Individual supplement packaging with a paper look Robust Robin
  • Very Strong Packaging

  • FSC®-certified paper with plastic film

  • Extra stable: Perfect for heavy protein powder

Sustainable supplement packaging made of paper Natural Nils
  • Eco-friendly paper packaging

  • Recyclable: FSC®-certified paper without plastic film

  • Ideal as refill bag, as without zipper

Transparent Toni

Metallised Martha

Biobased Ben
Paper with biobased plastic film

Robust Robin
with plastic film

Natural Nils
Paper without plastic film

Oxygen / Flavour (0,6-0,9 cm3/m2*24h*bar)

(0,04-19,97 cm3/m2*24h*bar)

(443 cm3/m2*24h*bar)

(69-82 cm3/m2*24h*bar)

coming soon

UV protection

(0,1-0,3 g/m2*24h)

(0,05-0,06 g/m2*24h)

(>60 g/m2*24h)

(0,9 g/m2*24h)

coming soon

1 = basic protection 2 = medium protection 3 = high protection

How high-quality packaging adds value to your product

You rely on unique herbal formulas for maximum effectiveness of your supplements? A really convincing overall package also includes the right packaging! An appealing and high-quality feel can reflect the USP of your products: Clean, natural capsules without artificial fillers, for example, can be excellently showcased in our "Toni" material with transparent viewing window. But also shimmering highlights in our material "Martha" or the natural paper feel of "Robin" underline the quality of your ingredients!

Packaging for supplements as stand-up and block-bottom pouches

Focus on sustainability: For a real change in the packaging industry

Certified recycable
FSC®-certified paper
Certified biobased
Resource-saving production
Partnership with environmental organisations
Production in the EU
Earth with clouds and the recycling icon

Sustainable materials

Our plastic packaging is made of mono-material and can therefore be fully recycled. The recycled material can then be used for new products - this is how we contribute to the circular economy. The raw materials for our paper also come from sustainable forestry.

Comparison of Co2-emission between pouch, glas and can

Low carbon footprint

With our packaging, not only does your business benefit - you also help the environment. Why? Pouch packaging is particularly resource-efficient in production and light as a feather. This means they consume up to 60% less CO2 in their life cycle compared to glass or can packaging.

Planting new trees with supplement packaging

Environmental commitment

For every 100 paper-based packaging items ordered, we plant a tree with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects. When you buy our plastic packaging, we also support the Cologne-based organisation K.R.A.K.E. e.V., which collects waste from nature.

Stand up and flat bottom pouch in red and yellow from Packiro

Our certifications: As stable & reliable as our packaging

Your nutritional supplement is balancing, natural and strengthening - our pouches are environmentally friendly, sustainable and suitable for food. The plastic packaging Toni and Martha have been awarded the "Made for Recycling" seal by the environmental and recycling service provider Interseroh for their recyclability.

Our paper-based packaging solutions also protect your product - and our environment thanks to their FSC®-certified paperNils peotects your supplements without an inner plastic film and can therefore be recycled in waste paper. Our organic packaging Ben, on the other hand, convinces with its renewable raw materials.  

Ready to make a difference?

Try our sustainable packaging with your supplement!

Advantages for your business

Goodbye, expensive storage and transport costs. The time of cans is over!

Bulky and unwieldy, cans make storage and transport expensive. Ever thought of alternative packaging solutions? Our bags have only 1/20 of the weight of e.g. jars and take up significantly less volume when unfilled. With our bags, you save space during transport and on the shelf, protect the environment and only pay a third! That's why our pouches are also ideal as refills for powders, tablets or capsules to keep your customers supplied. Use our space-saving packaging, reduce your costs and on top of that also the CO2 emissions of your packaged supplements!

plastic box for food supplements with different labels
Fully printed food supplement packaging for protein powder by Packiro

High-quality product presentation & special effects 

Colourless and boring packaging was yesterday! Print our bags with your individual designs and unique special effects: Choose a natural kraft paper look or go for transparent windows to visibly put your product in focus.

Other wishes such as shimmering highlights are also no problem: with us you can easily integrate metallic surfaces into your packaging designs.

Protein powder packaging with a Zipper on a shelf
Laptop showing a successful checklist from Packiro Artwork check

Intuitive & fast - thanks to digital tools

Manual print data checks can be time-consuming and nerve-wracking - that's why we automatically provide you with feedback on your uploaded artwork with the most important requirements within a few seconds. This way you can see directly where you still need to make changes and how this works..

You want to see how the packaging will look in your colours & designs before printing and make sure that your logo is not in a crease? No problem: Our 3D preview offers you the possibility to zoom in and rotate your designed packaging! This way you can see effects and texts, such as the compulsory information on raw filling materials, and take a closer look at your packaging 

You take care of your core business. We take care of the rest

At Packiro, we offer you a full-service package: from stocktaking and the joint development of a holistic packaging concept to technical support for machine set-up. With us, you ensure that your packaging meets your expectations and matches your brand colours 1:1. You need design support or are looking for a filler? We are at your side here too. Our mission: We are here to make your packaging project easier.

Packaging expert who performs colour matching

What our customers say

FAQ on packaging for supplements
In addition to the designation "food supplement", the manufacturer must provide information about other important product information on the packaging:
  • Category of substances such as nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc.
  • Recommended amount to be consumed
  • Note that food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet.
  • Storage information of the product
  • Possible allergens
  • Best before date
Sports nutrition and supplements can be filled in all the pouches we offer. The reason for this is that all companies involved in the manufacturing process have been awarded the BRCGS Packaging Certificate. This is how we ensure that your packaging is suitable for food. We recommend a material structure with excellent UV and moisture protection such as our Metallised Martha or our Robust Robin.
Our pouch packaging are shipped in cardboard boxes. Unfilled, the bags can be stacked very flat on top of each other. This reduces the amount of storage required, especially compared to jars or cans, and lowers your storage costs.