Tea packaging from Packiro as stand-up, flat-bottom & flat pouch

Tea packaging

Your packaging solution: Sustainable & individually printed

You finally want to showcase all the flavour variations of your tea with creative packaging design? And of course, without compromising on protection or sustainability? Wish fulfilled: Our packaging solutions ideally combine design flexibility in low minimum order quantities, top protection and sustainability:   

  • Three shapes: Stand-up-, flat-bottom- & flat pouches
    (new: flow packs on request)

  • Eco-friendly materials: Plastic (recycable or bio-based) & paper 

  • Strong protection against oxygen, moisture and UV radiation

  • Your Design incl. special effects: Transparent window, kraft paper look or metallic effect

  • From small to large print runs: from 500 - 10 mio. pcs. 

Food safe
Packaging materials are certified for contact with food
Full surface designs 
Professional packaging without labels
Special effects & any number of colours
Set your brand in scene
Simple & digital processes
Automatic artwork check & 3D preview
Great flexibility
From 500 pieces and available within 10 workdays

High quality pouches- designed according to your wishes:

Put an end to complicated packaging concepts: 3 shapes & 7 sizes

  • 7 Sizes: XXS - XXL

  • For 35 ml to 3.000 ml fillings

  • Functional allrounder

  • 3 Sizes: S, M, L

  • For 500 ml to 1.500 ml fillings

  • Extra stable & perfect for large quantities

  • 7 Sizes: XXS - XXL

  • For 15 ml to 3500 ml fillings

  • Ideal for small quantities & for hanging

Delivery time with custom printing:

Standard: 4-7 weeks

Premium: 3-4 weeks

Express: 10 workdays

Optimum protection: tailor-made for your tea products

Goodbye, outer packaging: Thanks to the excellent protective properties of our pouches, packaging such as folding boxes is no longer necessary. Reclosable and robust, our packaging heroes are ready to protect your teas in the best possible way!

Purple tea packaging with transparent elements as a stand up-, flat bottom and flat pouch from packiro Transparent Toni
  • Tea packaging with transparent window

  • Fully recycable thanks to mono-plastic

yellow tea packaging from packiro as a stand up-, flat bottom- and flat pouch with metallic surfaces Metallised Martha
  • Tea packaging with metallic surfaces

  • Fully recycable thanks to mono-plastic

brown tea packaging from packiro as a stand up- and flat pouch with biobased plastic

Biobased Ben
  • Tea packaging made from renewable raw materials

  • FSC®-certified paper with biobased plastic film

Red tea packaging from Packiro as a stand up-, flat bottom- and flat pouch Robust Robin
  • Tea packaging in paper look

  • FSC®-certified paper with plastic film

Green tea packaging from Packiro as a stand up- und flat pouch

Natural Nils
  • Tea packaging from sustainable paper

  • Recycelbar im Altpapier: FSC®-certified paper without plastic film

Transparent Toni

Metallised Martha

Biobased Ben
Paper with biobased plastic film

Robust Robin
with plastic film

Natural Nils
Paper without plastic film

Oxygen / Flavour (0,6-0,9 cm3/m2*24h*bar)

(0,04-19,97 cm3/m2*24h*bar)

(443 cm3/m2*24h*bar)

(69-82 cm3/m2*24h*bar)

coming soon

UV protection

(0,1-0,3 g/m2*24h)

(0,05-0,06 g/m2*24h)

(>60 g/m2*24h)

(0,9 g/m2*24h)

coming soon

1 = basic protection 2 = medium protection 3 = high protection

Maximum protection: for your tea and our environment

High-quality tea should always be stored in a dry, light-protected and airtight place - our packaging helps with this. But they can do much more than that - they can save our resources and protect the environment. In addition to low-resource, environmentally friendly pouches, we also support local and international environmental organisations.

Packiro tea packaging with rounded corners in Asian design

Sustainability in the packaging industry: Our main concern

Certified recycable
FSC®-certified paper
Certified biobased
Resource-saving production
Partnership with environmental organisations
Production in EU neighbouring countries
Earth with clouds and the recycling Icon

Sustainable materials

Our tea packaging is not made of just any plastic: we rely on mono-plastic, which is fully recyclable. The recycled material can then be used for new products - this is how we contribute to the circular economy. The raw materials for our paper also come from sustainable forestry.

Comparison of Co2-emission between pouch, glas and can

Low carbon footprint

With our packaging, not only does your business benefit - you also help the environment. Why? Pouch packaging is particularly resource-efficient in production and light as a feather. This means they consume up to 60% less CO2 in their life cycle compared to glass or can packaging.

Planting new trees with food packaging

Environmental commitment

For every 100 paper-based packaging items ordered, we plant a tree with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects. When you buy our plastic packaging, we also support the Cologne-based organisation K.R.A.K.E. e.V., which collects waste from nature.

Stand up and flat bottom pouch in red and yellow from Packiro

Tested and confirmed by environmental professionals

A lot of packaging is advertised as sustainable - but it is often difficult for consumers to know whether this is really the case. Because transparency is our top priority and we want to continuously optimise our packaging in terms of sustainability, we have brought two environmental experts on board:

The recyclability of our packaging made of mono-plastic is checked by the recycling service provider Interseroh+. The result: the Martha and Toni materials are eminently recyclable and are therefore entitled to bear the recognised "Made for Recycling Seal"

With our paper-based packaging, we primarily pay attention to sustainable and responsible forestry. That is why we source our paper exclusively from forest regions certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) organisation for sustainable forestry. 

Ready to make a difference?

Try our sustainable packaging with your product!

From now on, you don't need to stick labels on your packaging design to satisfy your variety of tastes. With the help of our high-resolution and full-surface digital printing, we will conjure up your individual design directly onto your bags. Thanks to our selection of special effects, you can get really creative with the design. For example, place transparent viewing windows in your design to show off your tea blossoms before you buy. Other options include a natural kraft paper look or metallic, shimmering surfaces in your choice of colours.
Tea packaging in black with a sticker
three tea pouches from Packiro with zipper & individual design
One person pac

Putting an end to expensive, bulky tea cans

Some retailers use tea cans for their teas. The problem with this is that they often cannot be resealed airtight and also weigh 5 times as much as pouch packaging. This extra weight makes a huge difference, especially in transport and storage. Of course, unfilled pouches also take up less space than cans.

Small minimum order quantity - great flexibility

Flexibility in packaging is key - we understand that. In summer, your fruit tea sells itself, and in winter, for example, your "Christmas magic" flavour is a big seller. No problem: thanks to our low minimum order quantity of 500 pieces per design, you remain flexible and can adapt your design again and again without overfilling your warehouse.

Tea packaging on a wooden table
Laptop mit erfolgreicher Checkliste vom Packiro Artwork check

Highest quality printing with minimum time investment

For many packaging companies, the technical print data check takes a few days – time that you are missing elsewhere. Each correction multiplies the factor. At Packiro, we hit the speed button: Our automatic technical print data check takes just 18 seconds on average. If there's an error, you'll also find out directly what you need to adjust.

But that's not all: Our 3D preview also offers you maximum security: With the tool, you can take a close look at your designed packaging before printing to avoid small errors or color deviations.

You take care of your core business. We take care of the rest

At Packiro, we offer you a full-service package: from stocktaking and the joint development of a holistic packaging concept to technical support for machine set-up. With us, you ensure that your packaging meets your expectations and matches your brand colours 1:1. You need design support or are looking for a filler? We are at your side here too. Our mission: We are here to make your packaging project easier.

Packaging expert who performs colour matching

Customer testimonials about our pouches

FAQ about our tea packaging
Due to the food grade nature of our packaging materials, you can use all of our bags for your tea blossoms. However, a material structure with good UV and moisture protection is important. For example, our metallised plastic packaging Martha, our high-protection paper structure Robin or our Ben made from renewable raw materials are suitable for this.
If you want to pack products containing essential oils in our pouches, you should carry out a filling test beforehand to be on the safe side. Essential oils are often contained in flavourings that are used, for example, in tea. Some of them consist of so-called "terpenes" that can damage plastics. Depending on how high the concentration in the oil is, it can attack plastics to a greater or lesser extent. To ensure that your product is safely packed, please talk to our sales team before ordering.
Most of our material variants (except Nils) have a pressure closure (zip closure) implemented as standard. If your product will hang on a shelf wall in the shop, a Euro hole and our flat pouches are recommended.
Our Doypacks can be stored flat and space-saving when unfilled. This reduces your storage needs and lowers your storage costs.
Sustainable materials not only protect our planet, but also signal high quality - just like individual fully printed designs. That's why everyone benefits when using eco-friendly packaging. You, your customers and mother earth!