Stylish and sustainable packaging for your sweets

Whether it is about packaging for drops, chocolates or nuts – an appealing product presentation is not only mouth-watering but also triggers your customers’ purchase impulses. This is where our sustainable stand-up pouches come into play, on which borderless double-sided print can be applied for a maximum of design possibilities. Moreover, they have the ideal properties against effects such as UV radiation, moisture and oxygen.

  Delivery custom printing in 4-7 weeks.
Suitable for foods
All companies in the manufacturing process of your packaging are BRCGS Packaging certified

With zipper & tear notch
Safe protection and easy to reclose
Sustainable options
Recyclable mono plastic or paper
Perfect protection
For a maximum of sustainability & preservation of aromas
After responsible enjoyment comes recycling
With our stand-up pouches, you will pack your sweets in the most sustainable way possible. If you decide, for example, for one of our Pack Heroes Nils or Robin, the used packaging paper. Our two Pack Heroes Martha and Toni, in contrast, have a different superpower – their mono-plastic makes them ideal for recycling, and they can therefore be reused for a wide range of products. The “Made for Recycling” seal that you can print on your plastic pouches reassure your customers when they buy your packs that they have made an environmentally conscious choice.
Ready for a sugar rush and more: the material characteristics
of our Pack Heroes

We use monoplastic or FSC® certified paper to produce our packaging. Monoplastic is easily recycled, can be turned into a high quality recycled product and reused to make new products. When producing our sustainable paper based doypacks , we exclusively obtain paper from regions tested by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), an international non profit organisation , and which meet the strict requirements of sustainable forestry.

Excellent flavour preservation and low oxygen permeability
Suitable for various fillings
Resealable & transparent
Suitable for all fillings
Resealable & semi-matt finish
Paper on the outside, plastic layer on the inside
Excellent protection with a natural appearance
Suitable for various fillings
Resealable & paper structure
Fully recyclable paper - 100% ecological
Good flavour preservation and low oxygen permeability
Suitable for various fillings
No zipper as plastic-free
Comparison of our Pack Heroes’ protective properties  

Transparent Toni
mono plastic

Metallised Martha
mono plastic

Robust Robin
paper with plastic layer

Natural Nils
Recyclable paper
Air / flavour

UV protection


1 = basic protection 2 = medium protection 3 = high protection
Custom printed packaging
in small piece numbers

You have many different varieties in your offer? Highlight the uniqueness of each individual product with diverse, custom-printed packaging. The best thing about it: You can order from us from a quantity of 500 pieces or more per design so that you can make a colourful and flexible mix-and-match of packs.

Do you need help with the packaging design? Contact us!

To our design service
Option for zipper
Inner protective layer
Rounded corners
Semi-matt finish
Excellent uv and exygen protection
Your individual design
Your packaging must meet many requirements: It should not only optimally protect your dried fruits, candies, licorice, cookies and nuts from moisture, UV radiation and oxygen, but also showcase each product to its best advantage. Our Packiro pouches can all be customized with high-resolution digital printing, borderless and on both sides. With Toni, you also have the option of including a transparent viewing window in your artwork, so you can give your customers a tasteful impression of your sweets.
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Packiro now offers flat-bottom pouches in addition to stand-up pouches.  

Our stand-up pouches are available in five packaging sizes: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 1500ml. The flat-bottom pouches can be ordered in the sizes S (250g), M (500g) and L (1000g).

Various materials with strong protective properties  

Meet our Pack Heroes in person and get an idea of the feel & look of the different plastic and paper materials of our heroes. At the core, however, they have one thing in common; they unconditionally protect your product from external influences.
Packiro - beautiful packaging that sell!
Stand out at the point of sale
Stand out on the supermarket shelf. Design your product to fit your brand and avoid time consuming labelling processes.
Sell online and on social media
Our pouches save space and can be printed all over. Print your own packaging for your sweets and create your own brand identity, both online and offline.
Sustainability - fully recyclable packaging
Tell the story of your sustainable packaging.
Showcase your product in beautiful packaging
High quality look through your design or with the help of our design services.
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Our FAQ's
All of our material structures are ideally suited for foods, e.g. sweets, drops or snacks, since all companies involved in the manufacturing process of your packaging are BRCGS Packaging certified. This way we ensure that your packaging is food safe. If you want to let your customers take a good first look at your sweets, our Toni with its transparent sight window is made for you. You can find more information about the protective qualities of our range of pouches in the comparative table above.
Most of our material structures are equipped in series with a zip lock (pressure closure). This way, your customer can reseal their sweets after the first opening and protect them optimally from moisture and other effects. A euro slot bag is perfect if you want to hang your pouches in a retail shelf unit.
You can find information on general topics in our general FAQ. You can also reach us by email (info(at)packiro.com) or telephone +49 (0) 221-472-58030, Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.)
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