Pet food packaging in form of a stand up-, flat bottom- and flat pouch for cat & dog food

Pet food packaging

Sustainable & individually printed in your designs

You want to show your customers what makes your pet food special? Use our printed pouches to bring your product to life. In addition to sustainable materials, you benefit from design flexibility, creative special effects & of course unbeatable protection for your pet food!  

  • Three packaging shapes: Stand-up-, flat-bottom- & flat pouches
    (Stick Packs/Flow Packs on request)

  • Eco-friendly materials: Plastic (recycable or bio-based) & paper 

  • Strong protection against oxygen, moisture and UV radiation

  • Your Design incl. special effects: Transparency, metallic effect or kraft paper looks

  • From small to large print runs: from 500 - 10 mio. pcs.

Food safe
Packaging materials are certified for contact with food
60 % less CO2 than jars or cans thanks to low weight & use of resources
With grip seal
Secure protection and easy to reseal
Simple & digital processes
Automatic artwork check & 3D preview;
Great flexibility
From 500 pieces and available within 10 workdays

Endless possibilities for your packaging designs

The choice is yours: Three packaging shapes - Seven sizes

  • 7 Sizes: XXS - XXL

  • For 35 ml to 3.000 ml fillings

  • Functional allrounder

  • 3 sizes: S, M, L

  • For 500 ml to 1.500 ml fillings

  • Extra stable & perfect for large quantities

  • 7 Größen: XXS - XXL

  • For 15 ml to 3500 ml fillings

  • Ideal for small quantities & for hanging

Delivery time with custom printing:

Standard: 4-7 weeks

Premium: 3-4 weeks

Express: 10 workdays

You need rolls for stick packs, sachets & Co.?

No problem! We will be happy to send you an individual offer based on your specifications.
Just send us a short request.

Contact us!

Prepared for all challenges: Our five protective materials

High-quality packaging materials are essential to protect pet food and guarantee a long shelf life. And that's exactly the promise our plastic and paper packaging gives you! .

Purple food packaging with transparent elements as a stand up-, flat bottom and flat pouch from packiro Transparent Toni
  • Pet food packaging with transparent window

  • Fully recycable thanks to mono-plastic

yellow food packaging from packiro as a stand up-, flat bottom- and flat pouch with metallic surfaces Metallised Martha
  • Pet food packaging with metallic surfaces

  • Fully recycable thanks to mono-plastic

brown food packaging from packiro as a stand up- and flat pouch with biobased plastic

Biobased Ben
  • Pet food packaging made from renewable raw materials

  • FSC®-certified paper with biobased plastic film

Red food packaging from Packiro as a stand up-, flat bottom- and flat pouch Robust Robin
  • Pet food packaging in paper look

  • FSC®-certified paper with plastic film

Green food packaging from Packiro as a stand up- und flat pouch

Natural Nils
  • Pet food packaging from sustainable paper

  • Recycelbar im Altpapier: FSC®-certified paper without plastic film

Transparent Toni

Metallised Martha

Biobased Ben
Paper with biobased plastic film

Robust Robin
with plastic film

Natural Nils
Paper without plastic film

Oxygen / Flavour (0,6-0,9 cm3/m2*24h*bar)

(0,04-19,97 cm3/m2*24h*bar)

(443 cm3/m2*24h*bar)

(69-82 cm3/m2*24h*bar)

coming soon

UV protection

(0,1-0,3 g/m2*24h)

(0,05-0,06 g/m2*24h)

(>60 g/m2*24h)

(0,9 g/m2*24h)

coming soon

1 = basic protection 2 = medium protection 3 = high protection

Fulfill all requirements in the pet food industry with your packaging

Whether dry food, wet food or snack solutions such as vegetable bites or hay pellets - with our packaging, the food remains optimally protected! But these are by no means all that is important when packaging pet food. After all, you want your product to stand out with retail chains, don't you? Sustainable materials not only protect our planet, but also signal high quality - just like customised fully printed designs. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression - make your pet food stand out through its packaging!

Pet food packaging from Packiro as a stand up- and flat bottom pouch in colourful desings

Sustainability in focus: For a real change in the packaging industry

Certified recycable
FSC®-certified paper
Certified biobased
Resource-saving production
Partnership with environmental organisations
Production in EU neighbouring countries
Earth with clouds and the recycling Icon

Sustainable materials

Our pet food packaging is not made of just any plastic: we rely on mono-plastic, which is fully recyclable. The recycled material can then be used for new products - this is how we contribute to the circular economy. The raw materials for our paper also come from sustainable forestry.

Comparison of Co2-emission between pouch, glas and can

Low carbon footprint

With our packaging, not only does your business benefit - you also help the environment. Why? Pouch packaging is particularly resource-efficient in production and light as a feather. This means they consume up to 60% less CO2 in their life cycle compared to glass or can packaging.

Planting new trees with pet food packaging

Environmental commitment

For every 100 paper-based packaging items ordered, we plant a tree with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects. When you buy our plastic packaging, we also support the Cologne-based organisation K.R.A.K.E. e.V., which collects waste from nature.

Stand up and flat bottom pouch in red and yellow from Packiro

Quality & sustainability combined: The certification of our pouches

As pet owners, your customers want only the very best and high-quality protection for their food. Sustainability is of course a big plus. But who controls that? Our plastic packaging Toni and Martha have been awarded the "Made for Recycling" seal by the environmental and recycling service provider Interseroh.

The sustainability of our paper packaging is also strictly monitored: Our packaging heroes Ben, Robin and Nils have been awarded for this by the renowned environmental organisation Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®).  

Ready to make a difference?

Try our sustainable packaging with your product!

At a glance: Your advantages with pouch packaging

Pouch Glas Thin can Paper box Plastic can
Shatterproof & tearproof
Low volume and space-saving
Fully printable without label and stickers
Many presentation possibilities on the point of sale

guy who folds a cartboard box on a shelf

How our flexible packaging saves you transport and storage costs

You think tins or jars are the ideal solution for packaging dog food & co. Far from it! Because these types of packaging are by far the most expensive to transport and store due to their weight. Our stand-up pouches are only 1/20 of the weight of jars and take up significantly less volume when unfilled. Especially with large quantities, this makes a big difference - of course also in terms of CO2 emissions.

Goodbye labels: Unique design needs space and flexibility

Whether you want individual designs for your different cat food varieties, seasonal packaging or want to test new sizes such as stock packs - with Packiro you have all the options without having to produce thousands of packs. You stay flexible and save the extra costs for printing plates. Instead of using labels, you can use the entire surface for your branding and save time and costs for manual application.

Pet food packaging on a wooden table
Laptop showing a successful checklist from Packiro Artwork check

Distinctive print results & simple tools

Your product should always be in focus - time-consuming processes like manual print data checks can get in the way. That's why we give you automatic feedback on your print templates within seconds.

Another feature for you: With our 3D preview, you can see how your packaging will look in your desired colours and designs even before printing. You can see all the effects and take a close look at the text on your packaging.  

You take care of your core business. We take care of the rest

At Packiro, we offer you a full-service package: from stocktaking and the joint development of a holistic packaging concept to technical support for machine set-up. With us, you ensure that your packaging meets your expectations and matches your brand colours 1:1. You need design support or are looking for a filler? We are at your side here too. Our mission: We are here to make your packaging project easier.

Packaging expert who performs colour matching

Customer testimonials about our pouches

FAQ about our pet food packaging
Our Toni and Martha packaging is made of mono-plastic and can therefore be disposed of in the yellow bin. A big advantage of our plastic pouches is that they can be sorted out and recycled in sorting plants, which promotes a sustainable circular economy.
Our paper packaging Ben and Robin belong in the residual waste and are incinerated. Ben's strength: Since it is also made of bioplastic, only CO2 is emitted into the environment, which was previously in plants. Nils is even so innovative that it can be disposed of in waste paper!
Packaging has a central role in our society and is indispensable. In addition to classic solutions such as avoiding packaging waste, you can also use sustainable packaging that can be recycled. This includes, for example, our plastic packaging Toni and Martha! 
As the name sustainable implies, packaging has another life after its first life as protection for your product. The resulting packaging waste can be reused to create new things. In this way, the production of new plastic is reduced and existing plastic is used instead. And such a circular economy is sustainable and protects the environment!
Yes! Our Toni and Martha packaging is made of monoplastic and therefore fully recyclable. Including grip seal and aroma valve!
Nils has such a small amount of plastic particles that it can be disposed of in waste paper and also recycled.