Fully printed coffee packaging

Eco friendly coffee packaging with top protection

Do you want to package your coffee without compromises? Are you looking for sustainability, top protective properties as well as individual designs – and all this even in small quantities? No problem! Our block bottom pouches, equipped with an aroma valve, are specially designed for your coffee products and developed together with coffee experts. Best of all: They can be ordered from 500 pieces and can be individually printed over the entire surface!

  Delivery with customised print in 4-7 weeks
Ideal protection
top protection against UV radiation, oxygen and moisture
Recyclable mono plastics or FSC® certified paper. Made in Europe
With aroma protection valve & zipper
For a long shelf life of your fresh coffee
Available from 500 units per design, with multicoloured printing

The perfect way to package your coffee: Our materials Martha and Robin

Our materials are our superheroes – the metallised Martha and robust Robin.
They fight off UV radiation, oxygen and moisture and protect your coffee against loss of aroma.

Metallised Martha

Robust Robin
  • Fully recyclable thanks to mono plastics

  • Excellent UV protection

  • Outstanding aroma preservation

  • Longlasting freshness

  • Very long shelf life

  • FSC® certified paper with plastic layer

  • Excellent UV protection

  • Good aroma preservation

  • Longlasting freshness

  • Long shelf life

Produced in neighbouring EU states
Certified mono plastic
FSC® certified paper
Laboratory-tested and confirmed as safe for use with food
60% less CO2 thanks to low weight & use of resources

Optimally aligned to your coffee products

  • Sizes for common sales volumes

  • Optional aroma valve

  • Easy opening due to the provided tear notch

  • Resealable zipper

  • Flexible presentation through Euro hole

  • Robust & stable

flat bottom pouch with coffee beans in front

250 g coffee (H 235 x W 115 x D 69): Perfect for specialty coffee or limited editions
500 g coffee (H 260 x W 145 x D 87): Ideal for whole beans
1000 g coffee (H 340 x W 155 x D 95): Loyalty eco packaging or storage packs

Because your coffee deserves sustainable packaging

Compensating for long transport routes and CO2 emissions is important to many roasters and customers, especially for products which have not been produced locally, such as coffee. A good way to make a contribution to the environment is to select an eco friendly coffee packaging: Packiro makes this simple – from the choice of materials to the form of packaging and support for sustainability organisations.
chart with C02 comparision of different packaging materials

Low carbon footprint

You aren’t just helping your business by selecting our products – you’re also doing your bit for the environment. Thanks to their low weight and use of resources , pouch packaging requires up to 60% less CO2 throughout their life cycle compared to glass or tin packaging.

one yellow and one orange pouch in sustainable materials

Eco friendly materials

Our plastic packaging is made from mono-material and is therefore fully recyclable – our contribution to the circular economy. This has been verified and certified "Made for Recycling"certification from Interseroh. Our paper packaging solutions are FSC® certified with license number FSC-C170984.

Printed pouch with the Packiro logo and the logo of Eden Reforestation Projects

Global impact

In our opinion, sustainable materials alone don’t quite cut it! That's why we've partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant one tree for every 100 paper-based packaging solutions ordered. When you purchase plastic packaging from us, we also donate to the Cologne-based organisation K.R.A.K.E. e.V., which collects rubbish from nature.

recycling cycle of the packiro pouch made from mono plastics

Martha, our material recommendation: Sustainable and recyclable

It makes no difference whether it’s organic or fair trade: Martha enables you to pack your coffee in an absolutely sustainable and suitable way: The valve pouches are made of just one material, a so-called mono-plastic, which is not separated in the sorting plants and can therefore be recycled without any problems. Martha's raw materials remain in the material cycle and can be utilised for new products! Conventional “multi-material structures” (e.g. PE/PET), on the other hand, are incinerated.

Focus on your coffee varieties: Individually printed eco packaging instead of adhesive labels!

Your coffee is selling faster than you thought, you want to stand out more on the shelves with individual branding or you simply do not have the time and do not feel like applying labels anymore? Packiro makes the implementation of your project easy, thereby saving valuable time and personnel costs for label application.
one unprinted pouch with a sticker and one fully printed pouch
  • From 500 pieces per design

  • No additional costs for creating printing plates

  • Full-surface, individual design

  • Flexible design adjustment when switching the product range

  • Multi-colour printing

  • Selection of special effects such as kraft-paper look or metallic

Special eco packaging for specialty coffee: Design options for your coffee packaging

Do you want eye-catching, individual eco packaging for your coffee specialties? Would you like to test a new design? Have you always wanted to launch a limited edition and are you looking for eco packaging with a wow effect in a small edition? No problem at all! We can produce any design from 500 pieces. Utilising digital printing enables you to freely select all colours and use effects from metallic to kraft-paper look. Many different or interchanging designs are possible at any time – without additional costs for printing plates.
three block bottom pouches with customized coffee designs
Try our coffee pouches!

Our FAQs
Your coffee needs reliable protection against UV radiation and a high aroma barrier. When sustainability is also important to you, then we recommend our superwoman, Metallised Martha, (fully recyclable). When you prefer paper packaging, then our Robust Robin is available, which is additionally equipped with a protective plastic layer. 
After roasting, the beans continue to release gas in the packaging for quite some time. An aroma protection valve enables this gas to escape from a certain overpressure. This prevents damage and, in the worst case, bursting of the packaging. At the same time, the aroma protection valve also ensures that no oxygen penetrates into the block bottom pouch from the outside. Your coffee never loses its aroma and stays fresh longer.

Contact with oxygen causes coffee to lose its aroma. In addition, aromatic oils in coffee can become rancid when they come into contact with oxygen. With our pocket zipper, your customers can easily apply the air-tight seal to the coffee pouches after opening.  
Our coffee pouches can be filled by machine or also manually. You can find more information on this in our magazine article about filling and sealing pouches. We can also put you in touch with a professional filler if required.
By the way: Our block bottom pouches with pocket zips have the largest possible opening because the zip is only located on the front. This keeps the pouch permanently sealed at the top and filling becomes a piece of cake!

You can find answers to general questions about our products, the upload, Design Service, minimum order quantities, international shipping and more in our FAQs. Otherwise feel free to contact us directly at info@packiro.com.
Disposing of our coffee eco packaging is different for the Martha and Robin materials. Because Martha is made from an innovative mono-plastic, the eco packaging is fully recyclable when it is disposed of in the yellow sack. Robin consists of multi-materials and therefore belongs in the residual waste. 
All of our pouches are lightweight, space-saving and resource-saving in production, which therefore saves a large amount of CO2 in production and transport. Our Martha material is made of recyclable plastic. As a result, the raw materials of the eco packaging can remain in the material cycle after recycling and can be reused for new products. Our paper packaging for Robin is composed of materials from sustainable forestry. The FSC® certification confirms that all environmental standards and social standards are complied with in the management of the corresponding forest regions and all other steps in the supply chain.    
Despite the high protective properties which are available, you should always store your coffee in a dark and well-tempered location. Environments with very high humidity should also be prevented. By the way, the unfilled coffee pouches take up very little space, so you can store them flat, therefore only utilising very little storage space.