Sustainable coffee packaging with excellent aroma protection

Best taste without forgetting sustainability: This is particularly important to us when it comes to coffee. It should stay fresh for a long time and taste the way we love it. Its packaging should protect it, but at the same time be recyclable. Together with coffee experts, we got to work and can now fulfill these wishes! Our new block bottom bags with aroma valve are specially designed for your coffee products. And best of all: they can be ordered in quantities as low as 500 pieces and can be printed over the entire surface!

  Delivery with custom printing in 4-7 weeks
No more stickers
Thanks to small print run from 500 pieces per design
With zipper
Keeps your coffee fresh and is easily resealable
Excellent recyclability
Thanks to high quality mono plastic
The perfect protection
For maximum durability & Aroma fidelity
Sticky labels? Not with us!
Every type of coffee has its own, unique flavour and deserves its own packaging. Thanks to our small print runs from just 500 units, you won’t need to worry about attaching sticky labels. Print the characteristics of your coffee and everything customers need to know directly on the pouch. This lets you create your own product packaging with a distinctive look that suits your brand.
Individuell bedruckter Standbodenbeutel für Kaffee - Packiro
Individuell bedruckte Kaffeeverpackungen - Packiro
The ideal solution for your coffee!
Metallised Martha or Robust Robin
Fully recyclable thanks to innovative mono plastic
Excellent UV protection
Suitable for all fillings
Resealable & semi-matt finish
Paper on the outside, plastic layer on the inside
Excellent protection with a natural appearance
Suitable for various fillings
Resealable & paper structure
Comparison of our Pack Heroes’ protective properties  
Transparent Toni
mono plastic
Metallised Martha
mono plastic
Robust Robin
paper with plastic layer
Natural Nils
Recyclable paper
Air / flavour
1 = basic protection 2 = medium protection 3 = high protection
Is nature a matter close to your heart?
Ours too.
Martha offers a combination of sustainability and optimum protection. Our metallised pouch features the “Made for Recycling” label! When the customer disposes of Martha in the yellow bag, it enters the recycling chain and can be reused. Martha protects both your product and the environment!  
This is possible as Martha is made from durable mono plastic with a highly innovative metallised inner layer. The mono plastic can be fully recycled to keep Martha in the recycling chain. The pouch does not get incinerated or, in the worst case scenario, end up in the ocean, like normal “multi-material structures” (e.g.PE/PET).
Recyclingkreislauf Kunststoff - Packiro
What size do you need for your coffee?
Bean size
Big until 125g until 260g until 560g until 1000g
Middle until 140g until 280g until 580g until 1100g
Small until 150g until 300g until 600g until 1200g
Ground until 200g until 350g until 750g until 1500g
Metallised plastic
resealable zipper
Euro slot
Rounded corners
Silk-matt surface
Tear notch
Look & Feel
Just like  Transparent Toni , superwoman Martha also comes in a silk-mat finish with a natural, plastic look. There are no limits when it comes to the packaging design: Martha can be printed on right up to the edges and on the front, back and base (like all of our stand-up and flat-bottom pouches). Martha comes with a zipper and tear notch as standard so that customers can easily open and reseal the pouch.
Order a sample kit - Get to know Martha in person
Packiro - beautiful packaging that sell!
Kaffeeverpackungen im Handel - Packiro
Stand out at the point of sale
Stand out on the supermarket shelf. Design your product to fit your brand and avoid time consuming labelling processes.
Kaffeeverpackungen online verkaufen - Packiro
Sell online and on social media
Our pouches save space and can be printed all over. Print your own packaging for your coffee and create your own brand identity, both online and offline.
Nachhaltige Kaffeeverpackungen - Packiro
Sustainability - fully recyclable packaging
Do you sell fair-trade coffee? Then your coffee packaging should be fair and eco-friendly too. Martha lets you package your brand in this way as she is 100% recyclable.
Individuell bedruckte Standbodenbeutel für Kaffee - Packiro
Showcase your product in beautiful packaging
Use your fantastic product design and display it across all relevant channels. Our Design Service will be happy to help you create a fantastic packaging design. Includes realistic rendering of your coffee packaging upon request.
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  Delivery with custom printing in 4-7 weeks
Our FAQs
We recommend using a stand-up and flat-bottom pouch with high UV protection and flavour preservation for your coffee products. Superwoman Martha is therefore the right choice of materials for your coffee.
For coffee beans or freshly ground roasted coffee, we recommend a zip closure. This allows the pouch to be resealed after the first opening, so that the coffee aroma is retained for as long as possible. In addition, a Doypack with a pressure seal can also serve as a refill pack for e.g. coffee machines or fully automatic coffee machines. If you want to hang your coffee bags on a shelf wall at the point of sale, a euro slot is recommended.
The answer depends on the storage, the material of the stand-up pouch and the roasting of the coffee itself. A blanket answer is therefore difficult. Freshly packaged coffee beans will keep unopened for 12-24 months. Opened with a zip closure, the coffee should be consumed within eight weeks.
Our Doypacks can be filled by machine or by hand. All our stand-up pouches can be sealed at the top edge. The material has particularly good sealing properties. Suitable sealers for the pouches can be purchased at a reasonable price. Thanks to the standard integrated zip closure (pressure seal), the food packaging is resealable.
You can find answers to general questions about our products, the upload, Design Service, minimum order quantities, international shipping and more in our FAQs. Otherwise feel free to contact us directly at
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