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Looking for packaging that combines convenience and sustainability? Packiro flat-bottom pouches offer excellent protection for all of your products and are particularly suitable for coffee beans due to their optional aroma valve. The pouches are made from eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

They do not only require minimal resources to produce, unlike jars and tins, but you'll also save on storage and transport costs thanks to their light weight and volume. You can individually print the front and back of our flat-bottom pouches from just 500 units.  

Excellent protection
High protective properties and
available with aroma valve
Sustainable materials
Recyclable monoplastic or FSC® certified paper  
Efficient & space-saving
Optimised storage and
lower transport costs
High-quality digital print
Full coverage and printable on both sides
from 500 units per design
Packiro flat-bottom pouches:
Win consumers over with your new packaging

With aroma valve

An aroma valve preserves the aroma of roasted coffee beans and prevents damage to the packaging.

Stability & durability

The rectangular surface area means the pouches are very stable even when empty. The sturdy design and high-quality materials make your packaging solid as a rock.

Strong protective properties

Packiro flat-bottom pouches optimally protect against external influences such as moisture, oxygen and UV light. You can choose the material depending on your product’s sensitivity.

Creative design

All of our doypacks can be printed all-over and right up to the edges. You can also integrate a viewing window into your artwork or add areas that appear metallic.
Protects and showcases your product

Effective against external influences & with aroma valve

As well as their strong protective properties against oxygen, moisture and UV light, our flat-bottom pouches also have an optional aroma valve. Coffee beans, for example, can form gases inside the packaging resulting in damage or warping. An aroma valve releases these gases above a certain pressure while preventing air from entering the packaging.
Large presentation area and excellent stability
Since flat-bottom pouches can be printed on the sides, in addition to the front and back, they provide a particularly large presentation area for your unique packaging design. They are also extremely stable and make filling your products easier: their rectangular base means that the packaging stands upright even when empty.
Resource-friendly production and eco-friendly materials

Low carbon footprint  

The overall environmental impact takes all aspects of production, filling, disposal and further processing of a packaging into account. A stand-up pouch (also called a doypack) generates significantly less CO2 emissions during its life cycle than other types of packaging.* Reduced resource consumption during production is a major factor.

Source: Heidelberg Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (2021): Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of different pouches and alternative packaging systems 
for food (Pasta Sauce and Olives) on the European market.

Four sustainable materials - four unbeatable Pack Heroes

We use monoplastic or FSC® certified paper to produce our flat bottom pouches. Monoplastic is easily recycled, can be turned into a high quality recycled product and reused to make new products. When producing our sustainable paper based doypacks , we exclusively obtain paper from regions tested by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC® ), an international non profit organisation , and which meet the strict requirements of sustainable forestry.

Excellent flavour preservation and low oxygen permeability
Suitable for various fillings
Resealable & transparent
Suitable for all fillings
Resealable & semi-matt finish
Outside paper, inside plastic layer
Excellent protection with a natural design
Suitable for various fillings
Resealable & paper structure
Fully recyclable paper - 100% ecological
Good flavour preservation and low oxygen permeability
Suitable for various fillings
No zipper as plastic-free
Smart packaging with Packiro flat-bottom pouches

Cheaper transportation and optimised storage
Flat-bottom pouches are one of the lightest types of packaging on the market. They weigh less than 1/20 of a jar. This means the lorry transports a lighter load and significantly less petrol is consumed. They also lie very flat when empty, taking up far less space than tins or jars during transport. The more space your packaging takes up in a lorry, the more often it needs to make the same journey.

Since doypacks lie flat when empty, this saves space in your warehouse. They are also extremely tear-resistant which makes storage easier.

Flat-bottom pouch
Tin can
of primary packaging
Shipping costs
for 5000 filled packages
(e.g. via DHL)

Flat-bottom pouch Glass Tin can Box Plastic can
Safe for use
and tear resistant
Low volume and space saving
Fully printable without label and sticker
Many presentation possibilities in the trade

Three packaging sizes –
Perfectly tailored to standard sales quantities

No matter whether you want to present your products in sample sizes or large economy packs, you quickly find the right packaging size at Packiro. Our Packiro flat-bottom pouches are available in 3 standard sizes: S, M and L. This simplifies the ordering process, and you'll find the perfect packaging size without months of deliberation. As a result, you can launch your product faster than the competition to gain a competitive advantage.

Digitally print flat-bottom pouches – affordable, flexible and with compelling results
We use high-resolution digital print for our flat-bottom pouches. If your designs regularly change or you only require a small quantity, this print is particularly beneficial for you. Since there is no printing plate to change, this saves you time and money. Appeal to your customers at the point of sale with a high-resolution packaging design.

Creative designs for small order quantities

  • From 500 units: Full-surface design on the front and back

  • From 2,500 units: Full-surface design on all four sides and the bottom

Packiro stand-up pouches vs. flat-bottom pouches

Flat-bottom pouch Stand-up pouch
All four sides and the bottom are fully printable

Front and back are fully printable
Aroma protection valve Orderable Not orderable
Sizes Available in three sizes:
S (250g), M (500g) und L (1.000g)
Available in seven sizes:
XXS (35ml), XS (85ml), S (100ml), M (250ml), L (500ml), XL (1.000ml), XXL (3.000ml)
Minimum order quantity 1. Individual design of the front and back:
from 500 pieces per design (black or white sides and no bottom design possible)
2. Individual design of all four sides and the bottom: from 2500 pieces per design.
From 500 pieces per design
Tear notch Standard available
Standard available
Zipper Standard Zipper is standard on Martha and Toni, Pocket Zipper is standard on Robin  By default except for Nils
Euro hole Not orderable Orderable
Our sample kit gives you an idea
of the materials used in our flat-bottom pouches.
Frequently asked questions about our flat-bottom pouches
Flat-bottom pouches are suitable for virtually every type of product. They are particularly ideal for coffee thanks to their optional aroma valve. All companies involved in the manufacturing process of your packaging are BRCGS Packaging certified. This way we ensure that your packaging is food safe.
Packiro flat-bottom and stand-up pouch pouches differ in terms of the optional aroma valve, their shape and choice of sizes. Flat-bottom pouches are ideal if you prefer a rectangular base and particularly large presentation area (4 printable sides) for your packaging design. They are also ideal if you want to package aroma-sensitive products such as coffee. Our flat-bottom pouches provide excellent protection of these contents thanks to their optional aroma valve.
You can customise the front and back of the packaging for order quantities over 500 units of a particular design. For order quantities over 2,500 units, the sides and base can also be customised.
All of our doypacks are exclusively produced in neighbouring EU countries. This allows us to guarantee delivery times of 4-6 weeks with shorter transport routes and lower carbon emissions.