Flat-bottom pouches for different products

Flat-bottom pouches - Costum printed

Sustainable & individually printed in your designs

You dream of a packaging that attracts all eyes to your product? Wake up - we offer you stable and fully printed flat bottom pouches: they are a must for your product when it comes to combining stability, excellent flavour protection and plenty of space for your packaging design:

  • Sustainable materials:  Recyclable plastic & paper  

  • Optimal UV, oxygen and moisture protection

  • 3 Sizes: S (250 g), M (500 g) und L (1.000 g)

  • Special effects: Window, kraft paper look or metallic effects

  • From small to large print runs: from 500 - 10 mio. pcs. 

Food safe
Packaging materials are certified for contact with food
Long flavour protection thanks to the vale
Perfect for coffee and tea
Full surface designs
Professional packaging without label sticking
Simple & digital processes
Automatic artwork check & 3D preview;
Great flexibility
From 500 pieces and available within 4-7 weeks

High quality flat bottom pouches with recognition value

Three material structures for optimal product protection

Excellent flavour preservation and low oxygen permeability
Suitable for various fillings
Resealable & transparent
Suitable for all fillings
Resealable & semi-matt finish
Outside paper, inside plastic film
Excellent protection with a natural design
Very strong: Perfect for heavy fillings
Resealable & paper structure

Food-safe & protective: No chance for external influences

Transparent Toni

Metallised Martha

Robust Robin
with plastic film
Oxygen / Flavour
 (0,6-0,9 cm3/m2*24h*bar)

(0,04-19,97 cm3/m2*24h*bar)

(69-82 cm3/m2*24h*bar)

UV protection

(0,1-0,3 g/m2*24h)

(0,05-0,06 g/m2*24h)

(0,9 g/m2*24h)

1 = Basic protection 2 = Medium protection 3 = High protection

Three packaging sizes - matches every sales quantities

  • H 235 x W 115 x D 69 

  • For up to 250g of fillings

  • For special editions & testers

  • H 260 x W 145 x D 87

  • For up to 500g of fillings

  • The standard size

  • H 260 x W 145 x D 87

  • For up to 1.000g of fillings

  • Ideal for stock packs

You have special wishes?​

No problem! We will be happy to send you an individual offer based on your specifications.
Please note: An individual size is only possible from a quantity of 50,000 pieces per design and year.

Contact us!

Packiro flat-bottom pouches: a convincing solution for your new packaging

Extra strong & stable

Thanks to the rectangular base, the pouches are very stable even without contents - a real rock in the surf.

With zipper & aroma valve

An aroma valve allows gases to escape in the event of overpressure, without air from outside being able to penetrate. The roasted coffee beans remain just as aromatic as your customers love them.
Colourful designed flat-bottom pouch for coffee

Excellent protective properties

Whether coffee, sweets, pet food or spices: The aroma barrier and protective properties against UV radiation and moisture of our bags are unbeatable.

Easy filling

Thanks to our pocket zipper with extra-wide opening, you can fill your product quickly and easily 

Configurate & order

  Delivery with custom printing in 4-7 weeks

Sustainability in focus: The certifications of our doypacks

Made for Recycling certification

Plastic and sustainable? Of course!

Most packaging consists of different layers of material (e.g. paper/plastic/aluminium foil) so that it protects food sufficiently. However, such composite materials cannot be recycled and therefore end up in the waste incineration plant. In order to recycle raw materials sensibly and be able to use them again for new products, we rely on only one type of plastic.

The recyclability of our plastic packaging made of so-called "mono-plastic" has been checked and certified by the environmental and recycling expert Interseroh+: The material structures "Martha" and "Toni" are excellently recyclable and may bear the recognised "Made for Recycling" seal.

Our certification for sustainable forestry

Although it may come as a surprise to many: Paper pouches are not automatically sustainable - not least because aggressive logging methods of trees can harm biodiversity. That's why we source our paper exclusively from sources that are certified by the international environmental organisation Forest Stewardship Council® and meet the strict requirements of sustainable forestry. After all, you don't want your product to be packed in just any paper pouches!
Stand-up pouch from sustainable forestry
Certified recyclable
FSC®-certified paper
Resource saving production
Partnership with environmental organizations
Produced in the EU

At a glance: Your advantages with flat-bottom pouches

Pouch Jar Tin can Box Plastic can
and tearproof
Low volume and space saving
Fully printable without label and sticker
Many presentation possibilities

Expensive storage and transport costs? Not with our pouches!

Are you still packaging your products in jars or tins? Then we have good news for you: By switching to space-saving and lightweight block-bottom bags, which weigh just 1/20 of the weight of jars and 1/5 of the weight of cans, you can significantly reduce your costs.

You need concrete figures? We have them:

Flat-bottom pouch
of the primary packaging
for 5000 filled packagings
(e.g. with DHL)

Transparency, metallic effect or kraft paper look: our special effects

You want packaging that puts your product in the best possible light - of course. With five printable surfaces, an infinite choice of colours and creative special effects, this is no problem: print the flat-bottom pouches with your individual designs and colours. Choose a simple & natural kraft paper look for your paper pouches or use transparent windows to visibly put your product in the spotlight. Other wishes such as shimmering highlights are also no problem.

Three flat-bottom pouches on a shelve
automatic artwork check of the printing data

More time & security for you: Thanks to innovative tools

Manual print data checks are one of the biggest time wasters. So much the better that you get automatic, split-second feedback from us: Our digital artwork check also gives you helpful tips if you need to adjust something in your print template.

With many packaging companies, you only see the final result after printing. Colour deviations or small typing errors can of course no longer be adjusted. For this reason, we offer you a 3D preview of your packaging. This gives you the opportunity to zoom in and rotate it as you like to take a closer look at your design.

You take care of your core business. We take care of the rest

At Packiro, we offer you a full-service package: from stocktaking and the joint development of a holistic packaging concept to technical support for machine set-up. With us, you ensure that your packaging meets your expectations and matches your brand colours 1:1. You need design support or are looking for a filler? We are at your side here too. Our mission: We are here to make your packaging project easier.

Packaging expert who performs colour matching

Customer testimonials about our printed flat-bottom pouches

Frequently asked questions about our flat-bottom pouches
Flat-bottom pouches are particularly high-quality due to their stable and robust packaging form. Their orderable aroma valve makes them the ideal coffee packaging. With their five printable areas, they offer many possibilities for emotionalisation, storytelling and convincing your customers.
From an order quantity of 500 pieces in one design, you can print the front and back individually. If you select at least 2500 pieces in one design, both sides and the bottom can also be designed. With so much space, you can fit in all the information, pictures and claims and don't have to limit yourself to mandatory information.
Flat-bottom pouches are ideal for almost all products. Depending on the sensitivity of your product, we can recommend different materials. If you sell coffee, for example, you should opt for the excellent UV protection of our "Martha" material. If, on the other hand, your food is particularly susceptible to oxygen, the packaging material "Toni" is the right choice for you. Heavy products (e.g. large quantities of protein powder) are best packed in Robin, as it is particularly stable. All protective properties can be found in the comparison table above.
All three types of packaging are so-called "pressure seal bags" that can be reliably closed with a zipper. While stand-up pouches are functional all-rounders, flat-bottom pouches offer you particularly robust support thanks to their stable shape. Flat pouches are the perfect packaging for hanging at the point of sale thanks to their lack of a bottom and the selectable aroma valve. All three types of packaging can be designed with the colours of your choice and creative special effects: From kraft paper look to transparent viewing window, it's all there!
You can find the exact differences in terms of printing, add-ons & co. on the product pages: Stand-up pouches / flat pouches.
Currently, our pouches with flat-bottom are available in three different materials. In our plastic packaging "Martha" and "Toni", all layers consist of one type of plastic, so-called "mono-plastic". They are therefore fully recyclable. This has been tested by the environmental and recycling service provider Interseroh and confirmed with the "Made for Recycling" seal. Our paper bags made of composite materials "Robin" are composed of sustainable, FSC®-certified paper and an inner protective layer. 
No. All companies involved in the manufacturing process of our pouches work according to the BRCGS guidelines. This means that the materials are certified as suitable for food contact and your product will not be affected by foreign odours or taste from the packaging.
You can close our bags with a zipper / grip seal. In addition, we recommend sealing the top edges with a heat sealing machine for sales.