Natural Nils - our nature boy

You can't pack more naturally: Nils is our nature boy. It is made of recyclable paper. So it's super ecological - you won't find a more sustainable paper packaging.

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Fully recycled paper - super ecological
Good flavour preservation and low oxygen permeability
Suitable for many products
No zipper as plastic-free
Packaging doesn't get more natural than this:
Nils is our nature boy

Recyclable paper

Good for the environment - Nils is made from recyclable paper. The innovative coating protects your products against sunlight and air.

Good shelf life

Our nature boy is particularly ideal for dry products and keeps them fresh and dry.

High UV protection

But don’t be fooled - although Nils is made from paper + coating, he’ll optimally protect your product from outside influences.

Free from plastic film - no zipper

Sustainable and without plastic film - that’s why Nils comes without a plastic zipper or plastic aroma valve.
Is nature a matter close to your heart?
Nils too.
Nils consists exclusively of paper. Nils does not contain any inner plastic film or plastic add-ons such as a zipper or aroma valve. This not only gives you contemporary packaging but also helps the environment. Nils can be recycled in the paper bin and will get reused in the recycling chain. That’s what modern packaging looks like!
Plastic-free paper pouch 
Natural Nils’ paper is coated so that he doesn’t need an inner plastic film yet still provides good protection. He is ideal for storing dry products as well as oily and greasy contents. Our paper pouch also has very low oxygen permeability - packaged products stay fresher for longer.
We use the thickest version available of this paper to provide the best possible protection. With more than 190 years of expertise in the packaging market, we can safely say that there is no paper more sustainable for stand-up and flat-bottom pouches.
Comparison of our Pack Heroes’ protective properties 

Transparent Toni
mono plastic

Metallised Martha
mono plastic

Robust Robin
with plastic film

Natural Nils
Recycable paper without plastic film

Biobased Ben
Paper with biobased plastic film

Air / Flavour

UV protection


1 = basic protection 2 = medium protection 3 = high protection
Tear notch
No zipper as plastic-free
Good UV protection
Rounded corners
Natural paper look
100% recyclable paper

Look & Feel

Natural Nils has a matt finish with fine paper structure. The packaging can be creatively designed to look like kraft paper, however there are also unprinted areas to allow the paper structure or bold, vibrant colours to shine through. All Packiro pouches can be printed right up to the edges and on the front, back and base, giving you ultimate creative freedom.
Order a sample kit - Get to know Nils in person

How colour comes into play

Vibrant colours? No problem! Our HDI digital printing process enables us to print anywhere on Nils and in high resolution on all sides, giving you ultimate creative freedom. See for yourself and take Nils home with you. Order our free sample kit here.
The properties at a glance 
Material FSC®-certified paper with barrier coating
Thickness 88g/qn
90 mm
160 mm
60 mm
130 mm
200 mm
70 mm
160 mm
225 mm
80 mm
180 mm
250 mm
90 mm
Zipper No, as plastic
Tear notch Yes
Aroma valve No, as plastic
Euro slot No
Laminated None
Print process Digital printing (high resolution HDI 2438x2438 dpi)
Miscellaneous Sealable
ISEGA-certified for food contact
What our customers say
Our FAQs
Nils is perfect for dry goods. Since the paper pouch is free from plastic film and we strive to use as little plastic as possible, there is no zipper. It doesn’t contain an aroma valve or transparent viewing window like Toni. It is not suitable for storing liquids. You should carry out an aroma test beforehand for any strong-smelling products.
Creativity knows (almost) no limits! Our pouches can be printed on anywhere and right up to the edges, and on the front, back and base. We use a HD digital printing process (CMYK colour format) to achieve vibrant colours and outstanding detail. This makes high-resolution photos and graphics possible. You can also easily print your favourite kraft paper colour on your pouch.
Nils comes with a tear notch as standard. You also have the option to select a euro slot for the stand-up pouch. This fully sustainable and paper structure cannot be fitted with a zipper or aroma valve because these add-ons would contain plastic components.
As with all other Pack Heroes, you can fill the paper pouch both by machine or by hand. They are sealed at the top.