Customised & fully printed from 500 piecesCertified, sustainable materials
Natural Nils
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Natural Nils

Recyclable paper packaging without plastic film

With the "Natural Nils" material, you can package your product in sustainable paper without compromise: As a pioneer in the packaging market, the recyclable paper structure offers food & co. optimal protection - without any plastic film!
Strong product protection against grease and moisture
Innovative paper structure with high protective properties
Food safe packaging
Tested and certified for food contact
Recyclable in waste paper
The most plastic-free pouch packaging on the market
Digital or flexo printing
Matches your order quantity and design number


Naturally strong: What makes Nils so special

We know that customers like paper packaging on the shelf because of its natural look. Unfortunately, almost all paper packaging is not sustainable. This is because paper packaging is usually equipped with an inner plastic film. This enables product protection, but prevents recyclability.

Not so with our Nils: after three years of intensive research, we have developed a paper packaging that, thanks to a clever coating process, both provides protection and is fully recyclable in waste paper.

Nils innovative, sustainable paper even protects sensitive food optimally, so that he doed not need a firmly bonded plastic film. As a result, the packaging can be easily recycled in waste paper. Since the paper pouch is plastic film-free, the material does not come with a zipper. The contact with food is certified.

Matching shapes & sizes for your product

Stand-up pouches
  • 6 sizes: XXS - XL
  • 35 ml to 1.000 ml capacity
  • Functional all-rounder
  • Paper thickness: 90g/m²
Flat pouches
  • 6 sizes: XXS - XL
  • 15 ml to 950 ml capacity
  • Ideal for small quantities
  • Paper thickness: 90g/m²
Printed rollstock
  • Individual sizes
  • Perfect for your packaging machine
  • For the production of flowpacks, bar packaging & Co.
  • Choose your paper thickness: 90g/m², 60g/m² or 50g/m²

Other advantages of Nils

Production within the EU
Printing & delivery from 10 working days
Every Nils order plants trees

Nils is ideal for

Tea, dry pet food, muesli, goji berries, textiles and accessories.

Design & Inspiration

Natural looks with which your product convinces immediately

How to take your product presentation to the next level

Plastic stickers on paper?

Full print without plastic film!

Plastic stickers on paper?

Full print without plastic film!

The material has a matt look with a fine paper structure. The packaging can be creatively designed with your own designs and without compromise. And all this from a small minimum order quantity of 500 pieces!

Your new paper packaging could look like this!

For a first date with Nils: Our free sample kit

Get the sample kit and get to know Nils better: Does your product fit into your desired size? Does the paper feel the way you want it? You have all the time in the world to test it. You're guaranteed to find the perfect packaging.


Naturally good - Nils is a nature boy

Bye bye, plastic film: our recyclable paper innovation!

Our Natural Nils is the first paper pouch for food on the market that does without an inner plastic film, but still offers the highest protective properties against moisture, oxygen and UV radiation. Nils is therefore easily recyclable in waste paper. This saves our resources and our environment.

Paper from sustainable forestry

Nils' paper comes from FSC® certified forests. The certification confirms that all environmental and social standards are met in the management of the forest regions and all steps of the supply chain. Our licence number with the Forest Stewardship Council® organisation is FSC®-C170984.

Your purchase also supports the responsible use and reforestation of our forests: For every 100 paper-based packaging items ordered, we plant one tree with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects.

Nils supports sustainable forestry. Your brand benefits.

With the FSC® seal on your packaging, you can make your commitment visible to your customers easily and without extra effort.

Technical details

This is what Nils looks like in detail

Simple but ingenious - How Nils protects your product

Paper alone does not provide sufficient product protection. That's why your packaging needs a barrier and sealing layer inside to protect even slightly moist or greasy products from soaking through the paper packaging.

No flexible paper packaging can do without plastic completely, as plastic-based resins are used to seal the final packaging shape. Every moulded package needs these. This means that many packages that are advertised as being completely plastic-free are not.

Thanks to his excellent protection against fats and water vapour, it preserves the freshness and quality of your products. But this is just the beginning! We are working flat out on a barrier that keeps even very greasy products and oxygen at bay.

Technical data from Nils

Data, Facts & Figures

Material structure

Paper with coating

Design form

With tear notches, round corners and bottom gusset

Optional add-ons


Material thickness

95 microns ± 10%

Bond strength

2,2 N/15mm ± 10%

Sealing temperature

130 – 170 °C

Print method

Digital print

Test method


IR Method (outside to inside)

<29,1 g/m2 /24h

Sun protection factor

UV (A / B / C)

Internal method

Contact us for details

Oil and grease barrier


Internal method

<4 hrs.

  • FSC® certified paper
  • Fully recyclable
  • Aluminium free
  • Solvent adhesive free
  • BPA free
  • Water based varnish
Blue bin

You want to compare the technical details of Nils? Click here to download!


You still have unanswered questions? We have the answers!

For which products are the paper pouches particularly suitable?

Our Nils is ideal for dry goods. Since the paper pouch is plastic film-free and we try to use as little plastic as possible, it has no zipper (pressure closure). An aroma protection valve is not possible and there is no transparent viewing window as with our Toni. Liquids are not suitable for filling. For aroma-intensive products, you should carry out an aroma test beforehand.

There are almost no limits to your creativity. Full-surface and borderless printing is possible on the front, back and bottom of our pouches. We print using the HD digital printing process (CMYK colour format) - look forward to brilliant colours and outstanding sharpness of detail! This means that high-resolution photos and graphics are also possible. Of course, you can also have any kraft paper colour printed on your pouch without any problems.

Our Nils has a tear notch as standard. Optionally, you can choose a Euro hole. This absolutely sustainable paper structure cannot be equipped with a zipper/pressure seal or a valve, because these add-ons would be additional plastic components.

The paper pouch, like all our other pouch packaging, can be filled by machine or by hand. They can be sealed at the top edge. You can also find more information in our blog post on filling and sealing pouches.

We are not aware of any packaging material that can currently be formed ("sealed") into packaging, has high protective properties and does not require any plastic at all. All binders for sealing packaging that are currently available on the packaging market are based on plastics.

However, we have been able to reduce this proportion to a minimum. Only synthetic resins are used in the form of our ultra-thin coating - but we do not use a firmly bonded plastic film. For this reason, our Nils paper packaging can be recycled in waste paper without any problems. The more packaging materials are recycled, the better for our environment!

We will of course try to produce and send your order to you as soon as possible. Depending on when you order in the cycle and which delivery option you choose, the production and delivery time is between 10 working days (Stand-up pouches and Flat pouches with express delivery) and 4-7 weeks (Flat bottom pouches with standard delivery).