One tree planted per
100 pouches ordered

Besides the protection of your products, the protection of our environment is a high priority at Packiro. We therefore work every day on making our packaging even more sustainable. But this is still not enough.

We want to do something against the disappearance of nearly 10.4 million hectares of tropical rainforest per year. For this, we have found a future-proof solution: for every 100 stand-up or flat-bottom pouches ordered from our shop, we will plant one tree.

Order now & plant trees
You don’t have to do anything
When you order your pouches, you automatically sponsor the reforestation of our forests – with at least five trees per order. This will involve neither additional effort nor additional costs for you.  

We have found a reliable partner for this project: Eden Reforestation Projects

The non-profit organisation has been planting native trees in tropical regions together with the local population since 2004. They do so precisely where the clearing of trees has annihilated habitat and protection. This is how the organisation sees to the reforestation of the most important forests of this world with the greatest measure of biodiversity.

For this, Eden Reforestation Projects supports quite specifically the people who are at home in regions, which are threatened by the clearing of forests. The organisation hires from the local population at fixed salaries in the tree nurseries, transfers know-how to them, and equips them with all tools and supplies they need.

We support Eden Reforestation Projects!

Under the slogan

Plant Trees, Save Lives

the project has already accomplished great things:

0 Mio.
million jobs created
485 Mio.
million trees planted
The objective

The project wants to plant at least 500 million trees every year by 2025 in order to help tens of thousands of people in countries with a prevalence of extreme poverty to find work and improve their living conditions.

Be a part of it!

You, too, can help us reach this aim of Eden Reforestation Projects – your sustainable Pack Heroes make a tremendous difference. With your order, you also mitigate poverty through our cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects, give back habitat, and promote the rescue of our “green lung.”

Order now & plant trees

Trees are all-rounder

Trees are urgently needed for the balance in our natural environment:
Oxygen generator
Regenerators for our climate by reducing CO2
Provider of nutrients for fruits and seeds
Safe haven and home to diverse animals
Provider of shade on hot summer days
Source of medicine
Supporting pillar against soil erosion
Raise ground­water

Trees are in danger

Trees are increasingly pushed out of their territory to make space for the lifestyle of the rising world population:
Increasing global demand for meat:
More and more pastures for cattle herds and fields for growing cattle feed are needed.
Palm oil is in nearly 50% of all goods:
The number of palm tree plantations for the cultivation of palm oil
is ever increasing
Increasing use of biofuel:
The number of rapeseed and soy plantations is increasing
Rising demand for wood, paper and coal
These are reasons enough for us to support the project and to make a contribution to reforestation. Thank you that you also help with your order!
Would you like to find out more
about Eden Reforestation Projects?

Find all information about projects, objectives and success stories here >