Printed, sustainable stand-up pouches

Are you looking for packaging for your product? Stand-up pouches are a real all-rounder and offer the perfect solution for every product. They are currently the most sustainable form of packaging around. The manufacturing process generates significantly less CO2 emissions and requires fewer resources compared to producing jars or tins.

Stand-up pouches are also extremely convenient, practical, lightweight and space-saving, reducing the typical costs of transporting, shipping and storing your pouches. You can customise the stand-up pouches with a variety of sizes and materials. From 500 units per design.  

Eco-friendly production
Reduced resource consumption with low-carbon production
Sustainable materials
Recyclable monoplastic
or FSC®-certified paper
Efficient & space-saving
Optimised storage and
lower transport costs
High-quality digital print
Full coverage and printable on both sides from 500 units per design
Packiro stand-up pouches:
The perfect choice for your new packaging

Easy to open

Our tear notch makes it easy for customers to open the pouches. We have placed it as high up as possible so that minimal packaging material is removed when tearing it open.


Almost all of our pouches come with a resealable zipper as standard. This keeps the contents fresh and tasty at all times.  

High protective properties

When it comes to our stand-up pouches, you can choose from a variety of materials with different protective properties. No matter whether your product needs protection from UV light, oxygen or moisture, you can rely on Packiro packaging.

Individually printed

High minimum order quantities? Not with us. Instead, you can look forward to top-quality print results. High-definition and from just 500 units per design.

What makes Packiro stand-up pouches so sustainable?

Low carbon footprint

The overall environmental impact takes all aspects of production, filling, disposal and further processing of a packaging into account. A stand-up pouch (also called a doypack) generates significantly less CO2 emissions during its life cycle than other types of packaging.* Reduced resource consumption during production is a major factor.

*Source: Heidelberg Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (2021): Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of different pouches and alternative packaging systems  
for food (Pasta Sauce and Olives) on the European market.

Four sustainable materials - four unbeatable Pack Heroes

We use monoplastic or FSC®-certified paper to produce our stand-up pouches. Monoplastic is easily recycled, can be turned into a high-quality recycled product and reused to make new products. When producing our sustainable paper-based doypacks, we exclusively obtain paper from regions tested by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), an international non-profit organisation, and which meet the strict requirements of sustainable forestry.

Excellent flavour preservation and low oxygen permeability
Suitable for various fillings
Resealable & transparent
Suitable for all fillings
Resealable & semi-matt finish
Excellent protection with a natural design
Suitable for various fillings
Resealable & paper structure
Fully recyclable paper - 100% ecological
Good flavour preservation and low oxygen permeability
Suitable for various fillings
No zipper as plastic-free
Why are stand-up pouches lucrative for your business?

You save on transport and shipping costs

By using pouches, you can reduce your transport costs compared to jars and tins. This is because they take up less space when empty and are lightweight. The more space your packaging takes up in a lorry, the more often it needs to make the same journey. More petrol is also consumed if the lorry is heavily loaded which in turn increases costs. Logistics providers also increase the shipping costs for heavier loads. We have calculated your shipping costs for various types of packaging based on an example of 400g of pasta sauce.

Pouch Tin can Glass
of primary packaging
10g 54g 216g
Shipping costs
for 5000 filled packages
(e.g. via DHL)
Optimise your warehouse space and product presentation at the point of sale
Since doypacks lie flat when empty, this saves space in your warehouse. They are also extremely tear-resistant which makes storage easier. Your filled packaging looks appealing to consumers at the point of sale.

Pouch Glass Tin can Box Plastic can
Safe for use
and tear resistant
Low volume and space saving
Fully printable without label and sticker
Many presentation possibilities in the trade

Five pack sizes - the perfect fit for all of your products  

Our Packiro stand-up pouches are available in seven standard sizes. This simplifies the ordering process and helps you prevent months of deliberation over the right packaging size. They are available in sizes S (100ml), M (250ml), L (500ml), XL (1000ml) and for monoplastic also in XXS (35ml), XS (85ml) and XXL (3000ml). Select a size, reduce your time to market and get back to focussing on your main business.

Food safe and protective

Our stand-up pouches are perfect for all types of food thanks to their food safe packaging materials. Food safe means that the smell and flavour of the product is not affected by the packaging. All companies involved in the manufacturing process of your packaging are BRCGS Packaging certified. This way we ensure that your packaging is food safe. Your packaging requirements will naturally vary depending on the consistency, sensitivity and shelf life of your product. Take a look at our four different materials and their protective properties in detail.

Digital print for top-quality packaging design
We use high-resolution digital print for all of our stand-up pouches. This is particularly advantageous for regularly changing print designs and small order quantities as there is no printing plate to adjust. The computer-generated artwork can be applied to your next print order - at no extra cost. This saves you time and money.
Our sample kit gives you an idea
of the materials used for our stand-up pouches.
Frequently asked questions about our stand-up pouches
Our stand-up pouches (also called doypacks) are perfect for all types of products such as food, cosmetics or accessories. Tip: Simply choose your product category on our website to find out more about its necessary protective properties and recommended packaging materials. 
Packiro stand-up pouches can be printed on both sides and right up to the edges - this eliminates the time-consuming need to stick on labels. Since doypacks lie flat when empty, this saves space in your warehouse. They are far lighter and therefore cheaper to transport and ship compared to jars or tins.
All of our packaging is produced in neighbouring EU countries. This proximity means that processes can be better controlled and quickly optimised. We avoid long transport routes and generate less CO2 as a result. As a packaging manufacturer, we have a large responsibility towards our environment and continually focus on minimising our environmental footprint.
You can receive individually printed Packiro stand-up pouches from 500 units per design.
Our doypacks can be filled both by machine and by hand. All of our stand-up pouches can be sealed at the top. The material has excellent sealing properties. Suitable sealing equipment can be purchased at an affordable price. The packaging is resealable thanks to the integrated zipper that comes as standard.