Three Flat pouches in different designs

Flat pouches

printable & eco-friendly

Would you like to present your product in the best possible way and at eye height for your target audience? Plastic packaging bags and pouches are the perfect packaging for hanging up at the point of sale thanks to their Euro hole! Since they have no bottom, they save up to 20% of material compared to conventional bags with a bottom, thus conserving our resources

  • Your Design incl. special effects: From 500 units

  • Five Materials: Plastic (recyclable or bio-based) & Paper

  • Strong protection: Against oxygen, moisture and UV

  • Seven sizes: XXS (15 ml) - XXL (3500 ml)

  • From small to large print runs: from 500 - 10 mio. pcs. 

Full-surface designs 
Kraft paper look, with transparency or metallic effect
Less use of materials Up to 20% less material compared to bag packaging with bottom
Lightweight & space-saving
Optimised storage and cheap transportation

Simple & digital processes
Automatic artwork check & 3D preview  
Great flexibility
From 500 units & delivery within 10 workingdays

One Pouch – endless designs & colours

Five eco friendly packaging materials for your product

Fully recyclable thanks to innovative mono plastic
Excellent flavour preservation and low oxygen permeability
Suitable for various fillings
Resealable & transparent
Fully recyclable thanks to innovative mono plastic
Excellent UV protection
Suitable for all fillings
Resealable & semi-matt finish
Outside paper, inside plastic layer
Excellent protection with a natural design
Resealable & paper structure
Fully recyclable paper - 100% ecological
Good flavour preservation and low oxygen permeability
Suitable for various fillings
No zipper and valve available
biobased plastic film from renewable raw materials
High UV-Protection & good flavour preservation and low oxygen permeability
Suitable for various fillings
Resealable & paper structure

Transparent Toni
mono plastic

Metallised Martha
mono plastic

Robust Robin
with plastic film

Natural Nils
Recycable paper without plastic film

Biobased Ben
Paper with biobased plastic film

Air / Flavour

UV protection


1 = basic protection 2 = medium protection 3 = high protection

The right packaging size for every product and project

Our flat pouches are suitable for a wide range of products. But they don't just cut a fine figure for the best sellers in your product range! The small sizes are also ideal as trial packaging and samples.

W= 85, H=100 Perfect for giveaways that do not have to be closed again (as size XXS without self-seal)

W= 85, H=150 Ideal for sample packs, e.g. CBD, snacks, muesli, accessories and cosmetics

W= 100, H=160 Ideal for sample packs, tea, CBD and cosmetics

W= 120, H=190 Perfect for textiles such as socks, small sporting goods, cereals, snacks, nuts and more

W= 160, H=230 Ideal for textiles such as T-shirts or sportswear and pet food

W= 190, H=270 Ideal for textiles such as T-shirts or sportswear and pet food

W= 300, H=350 Optimal for storage packs of pet food and a variety of textiles

You have special wishes?​

No problem! We will be happy to send you an individual offer based on your specifications.
Please note: An individual size is only possible from a quantity of 50,000 pieces per design and year.

Contact us!

Less material - more sustainability: This is what our flat pouch has to offer

Sustainable materials

Our flat pouches are available in recyclable, FSC®-certified and biodegradable materials. Our packaging made from renewable raw materials meets all the requirements for “compostable” bag packaging according to DIN 13432.

Material and CO2 savings

Our resource-saving & space-saving flat pouches save up to 60% CO2 in the life cycle compared to glass jars or cans. An extra plus in terms of sustainability: Compared to conventional bag packaging with a bottom, they save an additional 20% in material.  

Food safe & protective

Our flat pouches are proven to be food safe and odourless. All materials have laboratory-tested protective properties against external influences such as oxygen, moisture and UV protection and keep your food fresh for a long time.

Strong features: Euro hole & self-seal

Thanks to the Euro hole, you can hang up your products at the point of sale and thus secure premium places in strategic locations, e.g. at the checkout. Our self-seal is of top quality: They can be closed easily and reliably with the self-seal!

Configure now & order

Delivery time with custom printing:

Standard: 4-7 weeks

Premium: 3-4 weeks

Express: 10 workdays

Our Add-Ons: Use our flat pouches as your packaging!

  • Self-seal: Optional for secure closure 
    (except for material Nils and size XXS)

  • Tear notch: Standard for easy opening 
    (on all materials)

  • Euro hole: Optional for hanging on the goods shelf
    (except for material Nils)

Focus on sustainability:

Because your product deserves eco-friendly packaging

Made for Recycling Siegel

Plastic rethought: Innovative & recyclable

Most flat pouches are made of composite materials that are incinerated after use. We want to change that - by contributing to a functioning circular economy with our pouches made of mono-plastic.

For this purpose, we had the recyclability of our plastic packaging tested by Interseroh+, one of the leading environmental and recycling experts. The result: our "Martha" and "Toni" bags are eminently recyclable and are therefore entitled to bear the recognised "Made for Recycling" seal.

Paper from sustainable forestry

For the production of our paper pouches "Robin" and "Ben", we focus on the sustainability of the used wood.

The paper used for the bags is FSC®-certified and thus comes exclusively from regions that have been inspected by the international non-profit organisation Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and meet the strict requirements of sustainable forestry..
Standbodenbeutel aus nachhaltiger Forstwirtschaft
Certified mono plastic
FSC®-certified paper
Certified biobased
Laboratory confirmed, suitable for food contact
Production in neighbouring EU countries

Your advantages: This is how you & your business benefit from flat pouches

Flat-bottom pouch Glass Tin can Box Plastic can
Safe for use
and tear resistant
Low volume and space saving
Fully printable without label and sticker
Many presentation possibilities in the trade

Your brand in focus: full-surface printing and creative product presentation

Your brand and your product deserve enough space – and that is what they get with our flat pouches. With our digital printing, the self-seal bags can be individually printed on all sides as of 500 pieces. Say goodbye to lack of space and run-of-the-mill packaging: our packaging has space for logos, images, ingredients, claims etc., and quickly and easily become an eye-catcher with free special effects!

Cheap transportation and optimised storage

Flat pouches are among the lightest packaging on the market. They're less than 1/20th the weight of glass jars. The loading area of the truck is not so heavily packed during transport and significantly less petrol is consumed. In addition, they are very flat when unfilled and therefore take up less volume during transport than, for example, cans or glass jars. This means that more packaging can be transported in one trip.

Because flat pouches are very flat when unfilled, you also save space in your warehouse. They are also tear and break resistant, which also makes storage easier.

You take care of your core business. We take care of the rest

At Packiro, we offer you a full-service package: from stocktaking and the joint development of a holistic packaging concept to technical support for machine set-up. With us, you ensure that your packaging meets your expectations and matches your brand colours 1:1. You need design support or are looking for a filler? We are at your side here too. Our mission: We are here to make your packaging project easier.

Packaging expert who performs colour matching

Customer about our pouches

Frequently asked questions about our flat pouches
Flat pouches are light and space-saving and take up very little space in storage and transport. They can also be closed again with a self-seal.
Over the entire life cycle, they consume up to 60% less CO2 than alternative forms of packaging such as glass jars or cans. At the same time, they are the most resource-efficient of all bag packaging: Compared to flexible packaging with a base (stand-up bags), they save up to 20% in material!

The flat pouches can be individually printed and ordered in quantities of 500 units. You benefit from our graduated prices.
The delivery time for the flat pouches is 4-6 weeks.
The plastic packaging pouches are available in five different materials. Our plastic packaging Martha and Toni made of mono plastic is certified recyclable. Our Robust Robin is based on FSC®-certified paper, just like our Ben and Nils materials. Nils manages without a plastic film, so it can be recycled in waste paper, and Ben has a biobased plastic film made from renewable raw materials. All materials have reliable protective properties against oxygen, moisture and UV radiation.
The self-seal pouches can be ordered with a self-seal and a Euro hole. Depending on the type of material selected, sustainability seals such as the recycling certificate “Made for Recycling” from Interseroh or the FSC® certificate (FSC® C170984) for sustainable forestry from the Forest Stewardship Council® can be printed on the packaging.
Flat pouches are suitable for a wide range of products: from pet food to snacks, accessories, textiles, candy, cereals, nuts and even tofu. The small sizes are ideal for sample packs or giveaways.