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Our diverse range of materials allow you to use our stand-up and flat-bottom pouches for many different products. We offer packaging solutions for various foodstuffs such as ground coffee, coffee beans, tea, sweets, chocolate, snacks, baked goods, cereal, granola, health food, food supplements and much more. You can of course also fill our stand-up pouches with other products such as cosmetics, pet food, textiles and accessories. However, our pouches are unsuitable for meat, liquids, cheese, baby food, chemical detergents, medications and solvent-based or organic-based cosmetics.
That’s no problem at all. We'll be happy to send you a free sample kit which contains our different materials and sizes. All samples are printed with different designs to give you an idea of our digital printing quality. You can easily request our sample kit in the shop by sending us your contact details. We are unfortunately unable to send samples featuring your own design.
Our stand-up pouches are available in five different sizes:
  • Version S for 100ml fill capacity: 16cm height x 9cm width x 6 cm base. Available as a paper or plastic stand-up pouch
  • Version M for 250ml fill capacity: 20cm height x 13cm width x 7 cm base. Available as a paper or plastic stand-up pouch
  • Version L for 500ml fill capacity: 22.5cm height x 16cm width x 8 cm base. Available as a paper or plastic stand-up pouch
  • Version XL for 1000ml fill capacity: 25cm height x 18cm width x 9 cm base. Available as a paper doypack only
  • Version XL for 1000ml fill capacity: 29cm height x 18cm width x 9 cm base. Available as a plastic pouch only
  • Version XXL for 1500ml fill capacity: 30.5cm height x 23cm width x 9 cm base. Available as a plastic stand-up pouch only
Packiro is an active participant in the area of circular economy with sustainable packaging solutions. All of our innovative material structures are as sustainable as possible while offering maximum protection for various products. We currently produce 100% recyclable, transparent and metallised mono plastic structures as well as “high protection” and “natural” paper. Our natural paper (“Nils”) is even free from plastic films and zippers. This means it can be fully recycled in the paper bin.
We produce all of our stand-up pouches in Europe. This allows us to ensure short, low-carbon transport routes and fast delivery times. This gives you maximum flexibility and you can purchase an even more environmentally friendly product.  
We know that modern business requires a great deal of flexibility. That’s why we offer small print-runs from just 500 units with all-over printing on both sides, five different sizes, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, a support and Design Service as well as short delivery routes and faster implementation thanks to production facilities in Europe.
Our digital printing process allows us to print a high-quality and appealing design on all sides of your stand-up and flat-bottom pouch. We can also print on the base. We're happy to provide the necessary, pre-configured print template and help you create your file. Detailed information about our requirements is available both in our print templates and design guidelines. Before sending your design for printing, our experts carry out a technical print review and approve your submitted design. This means you can be sure you'll get the desired result.
If you already have a design for your packaging, you can of course use this for our packaging. In this case, we’ll send you a blank, pre-configured print template. We kindly ask you to use this template only. Otherwise, we will be unable to accept your print file and this will delay the processing time.Our design service will help you with the creation of a new design. Check out the available offers here.
We produce all of our pouches in Europe. Our short transport channels mean fast delivery times. Once we have approved your print file with you, you’ll receive the finished pouches in a few weeks. You can find the exact delivery time when you place your order on our product pages.
Unlike most companies, Packiro does not charge for setting up printing plates or print equipment. You can also change your design when re-ordering at no extra cost. Templates and the technical review are provided free of charge. The only cost in addition to the value of the goods is the delivery charge. This is calculated based on your order volume.

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Our digital printing process allows us to print a high-quality and attractive design on both sides of your stand-up pouch. We'll be happy to provide the necessary print template and help you prepare it. Before sending your design for printing, our experts carry out a final check to ensure that you get the desired result.
We ship products to Germany and Austria as standard. If you would like us to send your order to a different country, please send us an individual enquiry beforehand to  info@packiro .com and we will check the shipping costs involved.
Our printed stand-up pouches are specially produced for you. We therefore ask for advance payment of the entire order value for any orders under 5,000 euros. This can be easily arranged via bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. For larger orders over 5,000 euros, payment of 50% of the order value will be required in advance. The remaining amount can be settled 14 days after receiving your personalised stand-up pouches.
You are welcome to join us for a cup of coffee. Our office is based in the heart of Cologne, close to the central train station and main business streets. You can easily reach us via public transport or park your car in the underground car park opposite our office. Please send a quick email to info@packiro.com so that we can arrange a time for your visit.
Our support team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply send us an email to  info@packiro.com and our experts will get back to you shortly. Please don’t forget to provide your telephone number so that we can contact you. Alternatively, you can call us on +49 (0) 221-472-58030 during our business hours from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.
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