"Made for Recycling"
What does that mean?

Is it recyclable or not? The ‘Made for Recycling’ seal by our partner Interseroh provides a clear answer to this question. The environmental and recycling provider has developed a scientific method of examining and evaluating the recyclability of packaging.

Both of our plastic packagings have been tested by Interseroh. Martha and Toni are proven to be recyclable and therefore bear the ‘Made for Recycling’ seal.

You can easily use the ‘Made for Recycling’ seal on your pouches to show your customers how recyclable your Packiro packs are.

How to get the seal

Recycling for a closed-loop economy

Why is it important for packaging to be recyclable? Recyclable packaging is a key part of a closed-loop economy. This is based on the principle of reducing waste and environmental pollution by recycling raw materials and products. Well-recycled packaging promotes a closed-loop economy but presents a major challenge for many packaging manufacturers and companies.

Our partner and recycling expert, Interseroh

In order to contribute to a closed-loop economy, we have a leading environmental and recycling expert in Interseroh at our side. The service provider tests the recyclability of packaging using an independent, scientific evaluation method: developed and approved by the bifa Umweltinstitut and Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging.

The assessment criteria include the recyclability of the materials used, their sortability, and packaging disposal options. If the packaging receives more than 18 out of a possible 20 points based on these criteria, it is permitted to bear the ‘Made for Recycling’ seal. Just like our two plastic heroes Toni and Martha.

Martha and Toni are Made for Recycling

Why are Martha and Toni so easily recycled?

Unlike traditional multi-material packaging, they are produced from just one type of plastic. The packaging looks identical from the outside. However, this difference is crucial when it comes to recyclability.

Non-recyclable multiplastics

Plastics containing different layers of materials (e.g. PE/PET/PP) are difficult to recycle, if at all. This is because the layers are so tightly sealed together that recycling plants are unable to separate them. This packaging often ends up being incinerated, in landfill sites or left in nature.

Recyclable monoplastic    

In order to optimally protect your product, our plastic packaging is also comprised of multiple layers. The difference: these layers are all made of one and the same material (PP/PP/PP) and therefore don’t require separation in the sorting plant. This means that they can be recycled according to type. The material obtained from the recycling process can be reused to make new products.

By the way, compostable packaging can not receive the ‘Made for Recycling’ seal as they are simply not recyclable so far.  

And what about our other Pack Heroes? Robin consists of two materials and is therefore currently not yet recyclable. The outer material layer is made of paper and the inner layer of plastic. With our Natural Nils, we are currently developing a coated paper material without a plastic film which will hopefully soon be able to bear the ‘Made for Recycling’ seal. 

How can you benefit from the Made for Recycling seal?

According to a recent study by KPMG and IFH Cologne, almost 80 percent of German residents place great value on eco-friendly packaging and its recyclability. With the appealing Interseroh ‘Made for Recycling’ seal, you can highlight your proven commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. You also give your customers peace of mind that they're making an environmentally friendly choice.

Easily include the seal on your pouch

All you need to do is order Toni or Martha as your new packaging in our shop. At the checkout, choose the seal under ‘Add-ons’ and print it on your pouch along with your artwork.

Create a closed-loop plastic economy with us!

Order our recyclable packaging and clearly communicate your commitment to your customers with the ‘Made for Recycling’ seal.

Do you have any questions about Made for Recycling?

We will gladly explain the advantages of the seal to you. Contact us.

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