Packaging license: What do I have to do?

Before you sell your products, you need to license the related packaging according to the Packaging Act. This licensing is to ensure that the manufacturers contribute appropriately to the collection, sorting and recycling of their packaging. We explain the individual licensing steps to you so you can avoid sanctions.  

With our partner Lizenzero, you can get the license online conveniently at home. As a Packiro customer, you will get a 5% discount on your license fee.

Your packaging license in 3 steps
1. Registration with the Central Office of the Packaging Register

Register your packaging before the launch with the Zentralen Stelle Verpackungsregister [Central Office of the Packaging Register] (ZSVR) via the packaging registry LUCID. You will then get a personal registration number.

2. Data reporting to LUCID

You will receive your license agreement via email and you can then report your licensed quantities to the LUCID registry simply by means of the download function. You can ensure this way that your packaging information is error-free.

3. Licensing of your packaging via Lizenzero

Enter your packaging quantities into the Lizenzero's calculator, the online shop of Duales System Interseroh. Your license costs will be displayed to you automatically. Follow the next order steps and pay the incurred fee – done!

Our partner Lizenzero

Lizenzero is the online shop of Duales System and of the recycling service provider Interseroh. By means of the shop solution, the licensing process is digitalised and made more intuitive for the packaging manufacturers.

As a Packiro customer, you save 5% on your license fee with Lizenzero.*

* The discount can only be granted to official customers of Packiro.
These are the benefits offered by Lizenzero

Calculation aid
For the simple calculation of packaging weights

Automatic quantities download
Online seal for embedding on the website and a certificate confirming your commitment to the sparing of resources.

On-demand customer account
Time-saving independent management of the contract and all documents.

Automatic reminders
for deadlines and changes so that you can keep your head clear for your actual business.
Background of the packaging licensing

The licensing of packaging is defined in the Packaging Act. Businesses selling packaged products to end consumers should not only assume responsibility for their product but also for their product packaging.

Responsibility in this case means that the manufacturers of packaging share in the costs for disposal and recycling process of the packaging materials. This works by means of the license from a Dual System against payment, which ensures the organisation of these individual processes.

Ideally prepared with our recyclable packaging

The Packaging Act is to ensure that much more packaging wastes from private households will be recycled. The aim is to increase the recycling quotas for plastics to 63 percent by 2022.

For this reason, incentives are crated as early as possible so that businesses will make increasing use of environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging for their products. Duales System organisations are therefore called upon to promote packaging that is easy to recycle and/or made of recycled or replenishable raw materials. Accordingly, the license fees are to be calculated by ecological criteria in the medium term. With our certified recyclable plastic packaging, you are therefore ideally prepared for future changes to the license fee calculation.