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After 3 Years of Research, the Innovation:

Recyclable Paper Packaging

Individually printed from 500 pieces
After 3 Years of Research, the Innovation:

Recyclable Paper Packaging

Packaging without Plastic Layer: Recyclable in Waste Paper

  • Customizable with your unique designs
  • High product protection thanks to innovative barrier
  • Available as: stand-up pouch or flat pouch
  • Also available as printed rolls: suitable for flow packs, e.g. for bars
Excellent Protection
Strong product protection against fats and moisture
Food-Safe Packaging
Tested and certified for food contact
Recyclable in Waste Paper
Certified sustainable and without inner plastic film
Digital or Flexographic Printing
Tailored to your order quantity and design count

Looking for a Truly Sustainable Packaging?

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Our New Paper Packaging: Natural Nils

Introducing: The Natural Nils – our innovative paper pouch packaging that finally allows you to securely package products in paper while prioritizing sustainability.

We understand that customers often prefer paper packaging on store shelves due to its natural appearance. Unfortunately, most paper pouches fall short on sustainability. This is because paper pouches typically include an inner plastic film, which enables product protection but hampers recyclability.

But not with our Nils: After three years of intensive research, we've crafted a paper packaging solution that, thanks to a clever coating process, offers both protection and full recyclability in waste paper.

Goodbye Plastic Film: Our Recyclable Paper Innovation

Our nature enthusiast Nils flips the script on sustainable packaging: With our production methods, we bid farewell to internal plastic films and plastic add-ons (such as zippers or aroma valves). This empowers your customers to effortlessly dispose of Nils in paper waste after use. These used packages can then be fully processed in waste paper recycling. From the recycled materials, new products can arise, such as cartons, printer paper, or napkins.

Simple Yet Ingenious - How Nils Ensures your Product's Protection

Paper alone doesn't provide sufficient product protection. Therefore, your packaging needs an inner barrier and sealing layer to shield even slightly moist or oily products from penetrating the paper. Our paper is, of course, FSC® certified (License Number: FSC® C170984). Your unique design will be printed on this paper. To preserve the print, a water-based protective layer is applied as a finish, simultaneously guarding against UV light.

Thanks to its exceptional barrier properties against fats and moisture, Nils preserves the freshness and quality of your products. But that's just the beginning! We're diligently working on a high barrier that will even keep highly greasy products and oxygen at bay.

Embark on your Nils Adventure: Discover our Packaging Samples

Secure your exclusive packaging samples Now and immerse yourself in the world of Natural Nils. Experience up close how Nils safeguards and presents your products. Feel the premium paper texture that elevates your products to a whole new level. Assess the fit of your desired size and witness the sustainability woven into every fiber.

Fall in love with the future of packaging and discover with Nils the tailored solution your product deserves.

Packaging Shapes & Advantages

The Perfect Types for Every Product:

Stand-Up Pouch
  • 6 sizes: XXS - XL
  • For 35 ml to 1.000 ml capacity
  • Functional all-rounder
  • Paper thickness: 90g/m²
Flat Pouch
  • 6 sizes: XXS - XL
  • For 15 ml to 950 ml capacity
  • Ideal for small quantities
  • Paper thickness: 90g/m²
  • Individual sizes
  • Perfect for you packaging machine
  • For producing flow packs for bars
  • Choose your paper thickness: 90g/m², 60g/m², or 50g/m²

Additional Advantages that Nils always brings

Production within the EU
Express delivery in 10 business days
Support for design creation & filling
Your order plants trees

Nils is among other products suitable for dry foods, such as nuts, muesli, or goji berries

While Nils boasts impressive protective qualities, it's important to note that it remains a paper packaging. It's suitable for a variety of dry products, including food and pet food. We recommend testing your products with our Nils samples. If you're uncertain, don't hesitate to reach out to our packaging experts. They're here to assist you in determining the suitability for your products. Together, we'll find the perfect packaging solution.

The Path to Circular Economy

Our Contribution to the Global Packaging Problem:

Plastic-Free Packaging isn't feasible, but...

Nils is the most plastic-free packaging available. Why not entirely plastic-free? To shield your product from external factors, it requires multiple layers of material that are molded into a packaging form. A sealing layer made from plastic-based resins is employed to seal the final packaging shape. This is needed for every molded package.

This means that many packages advertised as completely plastic-free actually aren't.

Our Vision – Closing the Loop

We firmly believe that recycling is the key to creating a more sustainable future. That's why we've formed a close partnership with Interseroh to develop packaging solutions that can proudly bear the "Made for Recycling" seal. This seal is only awarded with a minimum of 18 out of 20 possible points, indicating excellent recyclability. Our efforts extend beyond just recyclable mono-plastic packaging for products like coffee, which demand high product protection. Over the past three years, we've also dedicated extensive research to a revolutionary recyclable paper structure that was previously missing from the packaging market.

Curious about the recyclability of your packaging?

We test it for you, free of charge. Send an inquiry to our packaging experts, and they will promptly get in touch with you.

Packaging Samples

Experience the Charm of our Paper Packaging

Secure your free Nils packaging samples now

You'll receive various unfilled Nils samples in sizes XS-XL (15 ml-950 ml). These are printed with different pattern designs to simulate sample industries and provide you with a sense of the print and texture.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Paper Packaging

The paper packaging is a great fit for socks, t-shirts, underwear, and dry pet food. Additionally, Nils is particularly suitable as food packaging and offers excellent protection for products that are less sensitive to oxygen (e.g., oatmeal, cereal, granola, etc.).

The reason for this is that it doesn't have a zipper and cannot be resealed after opening. As we aim to minimize the use of plastic in our paper packaging, Nils also cannot be ordered with an aroma valve. Therefore, it's not suitable for products like coffee or tea (except as a refill pouch).

All our packaging is produced in EU countries. This proximity allows us to better control and optimize processes. We avoid long transportation routes, thus consuming less CO2. As a packaging manufacturer, we have a significant responsibility for the environment and prioritize minimizing our ecological footprint on a daily basis.

Paper can be recycled very effectively when it is sorted in a pure form. The requirement is that no foreign layers of material (such as plastic or aluminum) are adhered to the paper, as these cannot be separated in the sorting facility. Our material Nils does not include a permanently attached plastic film, making it easily recyclable in the paper recycling stream.

The prices for Nils vary depending on the chosen packaging form (flat pouch or stand-up pouch), order quantity, and size. If you have multiple designs, you can take advantage of bulk pricing for the total quantity of a specific size. So, if you order 2,000 packages with the "Nils" material in four designs, you won't pay four times the price for 500 pieces. Instead, you'll pay the more cost-effective price for 2,000 packages.

The paper pouches, like all other Packiro materials, can be filled and closed by machine or by hand. They can be sealed at the top edge.

Of course, we strive to produce and deliver your order as quickly as possible. Depending on when you place your order in the cycle and the delivery option you choose, the production and delivery time can range from 10 working days to 7 weeks.

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